Show Review: Adolfo Sanchez Fall/Winter 2013

Show Review: Adolfo Sanchez Fall/Winter 2013

L.A. based designer Adolfo Sanchez showcased his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection “Alar” during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week.  Adolfo’s choices in textiles for this collection consisted of silk taffeta, leather, cashmere, wool, and fur.  As the dark beat of the music began, the show opened with a copper silk taffeta mermaid gown with gorgeous beading around the neckline.  Several of the looks on the runway were uplifted by dramatic feather and silk trimmed head pieces; the hit of the night was a molded lace mask that covered the model’s face completely.

My favorite look of the evening was a bronze peplum jacket pant suit paired with a raccoon shawl.  Other interesting details in the collection consisted of hand painted sequin and a new line of cashmere fur trimmed outerwear that has carefully placed snaps and zippers, making the garments capable of converting into short or long coats.

The grand finale piece was a sheer lace dress with a large tulle bottom paired with a feather choker neck piece.  Overall, the mood of old Hollywood glamour blended with rock and roll was present through another exciting runway experience brought to us by Adolfo Sanchez.  Check out more of the designer’s Autumn/Winter 2013 offerings in the gallery below and visit Adolfo Sanchez Designs with inquiries or to place an order.


Photo Credit: Nolcha Fashion Week

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