DJ Pauly D Launches REMIX Cocktails & Talks Fashion & Personal Style

DJ Pauly D Launches REMIX Cocktails & Talks Fashion & Personal Style

Last week DJ Pauly D hosted the NYC Launch Event & Tasting for his new REMIX Cocktails and Reality TV Fashion was on hand to join the celebration!  The “Jersey Shore” and “Pauly D Project” reality star is now the mixmaster behind REMIX, playing on his passion for mixing music and getting the party started right.  At the event Pauly was so warm, funny, and personable and I enjoyed interviewing him about the cocktail line as well as his personal style.

“I’m mixing drinks and mixing records. REMIX describes my life and what I’m passionate about,” he stated. What makes Pauly’s brand so unique is that he’s had his fingerprints on every single step of development. Essentially he’s built the brand from the ground up – from the name “REMIX” and the design of the bottle, to the logo (which is a turntable!) and the flavors.  REMIX is the first RTD (Ready-To-Drink) cocktail dedicated exclusively to “pre-gaming.”  Until now, he explained, this pastime has been associated with shots, beer, and of course home-made mixed drinks.  I had a chance to enjoy each of the four original vodka-based flavors and YUM!! My fav is the Strawberry Holla-Peno!

Of course, we also talked fashion.  Pauly really dug the idea of and he began to talk excitedly about his love for watches (he collects them) and diamonds (“the louder the better”).  He then shared that his favorite designer is Louis Vuitton, and his favorite jeanswear line is G-Style. In fact, Paul rocked a pair of dark-wash G-Style jeans with red high tops by Redi and a matching REMIX tee. He was a cutie in person, and definitely on that Jersey swag. (I almost asked if I could touch his hair but… as a black girl growing up with braids most of my life and hearing that same request, I didn’t know if it would go over too well, lol).

Given that Pauly is #7 on Forbes’ list of highest paid DJ’s, has a clothing line, a set of headphones he markets with 50 Cent, his name on some tanning lotion, and now a liquor line – it’s safe to say that he is #WINNING!  Congrats on your REMIX launch, Pauly! Special thanks to his publicist Jessica (pictured below in the FAB Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf!) for being a doll and taking such good care of me!  xo

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3 Responses to DJ Pauly D Launches REMIX Cocktails & Talks Fashion & Personal Style

  1. So fun! He seems like he’d be really cool to hang out with. I’m glad you opted OUT of asking him to touch his hair. Black girls know the feeling all too well. LOL.

  2. tami says:

    Dont you look all cute in your pink!

  3. SiBonita says:

    i can’t believe you got to meet/talk to Pauly D lol! he’s my favorite on the show–so funny, so cute 🙂 and i really like the idea of a drink already pre-mixed for ppl like myself who are too lazy to put forth the effort to pregame.

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