Keisha’s Gold Grecian Style Knot Necklace on “Single Ladies”

Keisha’s Gold Grecian Style Knot Necklace on “Single Ladies”

Reality TV Fashion reader Lourdes writes: “A few weeks ago on “Single Ladies” Keisha wore a yellow and orange outfit, but I’m looking for the gold statement necklace she wore with it!  It was a chunky necklace and appeared to be a knot of some sort.  Would you pleeaase help me find that necklace, or something similar?” 

Hi Lourdes!  Yes girl, I remember that necklace and “Keisha” was sure enough working that colorblock outfit!  Dang, I think that was the episode she and Malcolm officially broke up. *smh* In any event, so LisaRaye was styled in a semi-sheer orange pleat front blouse paired with a yellow pencil skirt and what appears to be the $34.90 Knotted Multi-Chain Necklace.  The gold-tone statement collar necklace from Express features a ridged double loop through design to the front and 4-strand chain with a clasp fastening to the back.

Get LisaRaye’s Look [For Less] Here:

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4 Responses to Keisha’s Gold Grecian Style Knot Necklace on “Single Ladies”

  1. That’s a really pretty statement necklace. I can’t stop looking at her hair. I love that look on her, and, if I were bold enough, that’s the exact style I’d cut my hair into.

  2. KD says:

    Yes, Express does have the same necklace for $34.90
    I have been crushing on it for the past year or so, but unfortunately can’t see myself paying almost $40 for just a necklace :-/

  3. Express also has this necklace…or had it…*shrug*

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