Kim Zolciak Reveals Her Real Hair on “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”

Kim Zolciak Reveals Her Real Hair on “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”

Tonight on the long anticipated episode of “Don’t Be Tardy for the WeddingKim Zolciak removed her wig and showed the world her real hair underneath.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but her own hair was blonde, past shoulder length, and appeared full and healthy. Following the episode, Kim tweeted another photo of her hair sans wig.

Though her hair stylist, Derek J., along with her personal assistant tried to convince Kim that she should go with this “natural” look for her wedding day Kim wasn’t so enthused about the idea.  She explained that she didn’t want all of the attention on her hair, but rather on her gorgeous wedding dress and jewels. I guess we’ll find out what she decides to do next week when the wedding episode airs!

Photo Credit: Twitter

14 Responses to Kim Zolciak Reveals Her Real Hair on “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”

  1. omg i love her real hair she is crazy either way she is beautiful with or without but i love it natural on her its age appropriate

  2. gmasaliens says:

    Kim: to wig or not to wig is personal preference. You are a beautiful person inside and out, but i REALLY do love your real hair. Wish Mine was so pretty. But do what you want, you are gorgeous either way. I hope you do another show of your own. I enjoyed it so much……….and I will not watch the HW of Atlanta, so phoney and just plain boring. You are fun to watch and follow, love your hubby, and son and girls. Please, do another show that is worth watching. 🙂 just a fan. 🙂 Love to your and your whole family. Julie

  3. Sunshine says:

    She looks SO MUCH better. Throw away the wigs Kim

  4. PRETTTTY! says:

    I think Kim looks very pretty and wayyyyyyy younger without her wigs on.

  5. Now I want to see what she looks like with the wig! I don’t watch the show so I’m out of the loop. LOL. But… what’s wrong with her natural hair? I think it looks good.

  6. BellaK says:

    I guessed she had nice hair under that. Im just surprised she didnt reveal it sooner to shut down all the haters. Dont give them the satisfaction, I guess. lol. I think she looks nice either way.

  7. Janderie says:

    Its looks good actually…

  8. Aretak says:

    she looks wayyy better without her wigs.

  9. I like her hair — why not get extensions or something?

  10. Nia says:

    She looks older to me even more so as well w/o the wig as well.

  11. Glamamom says:

    I always wondered what was under those wigs! She looks good but I definitely understand her concern.

  12. Bika says:

    without her wig i thought she looked older and a little boring. sophisticated, yes, but more “mom”-ish. kim is in her young 30s — i think if she wants the long, glamorous hair she should go for it! also, i noticed i liked the 3rd pic a lot more. maybe because it looks more full and bouncy. so maybe her natural length isn’t so bad, but that she was missing the curls around her face.

  13. ariseagent says:

    she actually looks much better without the wigs…. she looks more sophisticated, fresh faced and most of all, she looks real… the wigs made her look like a bimbo…. I think she’s feeding into the stero-type of “blonde hair and big boobs”….Kim you’ve been doing this for quite some time now….time to grow up for a change…drop the wigs and wear you natural hair….

  14. Kim has nice, healthy hair. Why doesnt she want to wear it out? Oh well..just like most sisters (lol) she is slave to the wigs and weave

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