Emily B’s Mark Fast Stretch Mesh Tasselled Dress in Miami

Emily B’s Mark Fast Stretch Mesh Tasselled Dress in Miami

Former “Love & Hip Hop” reality star Emily Bustamante was in Miami this weekend and made an appearance at Club Play.  She showed off her curves in a $300 Faster by Mark Fast stretch mesh dress that features a tasselled hemline and contoured circular cut outs to the sides. She styled the dress with oversized gold coin earrings and Christian  Louboutin Change of the Guard Suede Sandals.

Basketball Wives L.A.’sDraya Michele was also in the building and showed love to her girl.

Photo Credit: Twitter; Christian Louboutin

43 Responses to Emily B’s Mark Fast Stretch Mesh Tasselled Dress in Miami

  1. Corin says:

    Her body is crazy fake !!!!! It’s disgusting how much she photoshops , I live in north jersey area and always see her at the mall and she doesn’t look like that in person . She’s so wide and her butt it’s all craters from
    All those damn butt shots and her thighs are so skinny so that tells it all. Even after all that damn work fab still isn’t loyal and happy with her . Sad !!!!

  2. SlimGem says:

    All that ass, and still dumb for a dude. Seems it doesn’t matter what size you are… If your weak in the mind.

  3. bri says:

    She looks gd as always !

  4. Fallon says:

    yes!!!! emily!! work!!! looks amazing shes my favorite!

  5. Kayla says:

    Honestly , the outfit is pieced together very well I’d wear it (:

    But got Emily … The answer is no and to be a woman in her what 30s she should know that’s a little much but hey we all know who she attracts soooooo

    • Black Swan 7782 says:

      Forgive me, but isn’t this the age we should be able to confidently wear the things that make us feel sexy. If she was in her 20’s it’d be too provocative. She’s in her 30’s and she’s too old for it? I strongly suggest you gather up all of the f%^ks you have to give, and dispose of them immediately!!!! Then I want you to resolve to come out of that square you exist in, and do something bold and unprecedented for 2014. When all is said and done, be free in your own world, and stop caring about others ♥ May you be blessed on this journey chile!

  6. Joyce B says:

    Her A** is just to big to wear. outfit is bangin but for *BIG GIRLS*

  7. Via says:

    AND EVERYONE WHO SAYS SHE’S OVERWEIGHT OR OBEASE IS BUGGING THE FUCK OUT. READ UP ON HER BODY MEASUREMENTS SHE IS NOWWHERE NEAR OBESE. I have to come off of this site I am starting to get emotional.. smt Some of you people on here I feel really sorry for you all. God forbid yall have children or grandchildren that are on the thicker side. You will ruin their self esteem. We can expect a lot more suicides in the upcoming generations due to people like you all.

  8. Via says:

    SUCH HATERS HERE!!! INSECURE HATERS AT THAT!! Emily girlllll you look so hot!! Keep doing you, and please don’t lose weight for anyone. I know being in the public eye has to be hard but don’t allow their mean and nasty words get to you. I wish I had your body. Curvy/thick with a flat stomach, nice thighs and a beautiful bust. Instead I have the big ass, big hips, thunder thighs, and my stomach is not as flat and no amount of exercise has worked for me. I need some money to go to D.R. lol 😉

  9. V says:

    Emily looks disgusting. She looks FAT and needs to lay off the butt injections. She is such an immature little girl.

  10. L says:

    Emily is so pretty! Very curvy too. This dress is a bit much for ME, but it’s her style and she’s wearing it! Love the shoes! Visit my website 🙂

  11. Swerve says:

    Emily Looks GOOD!!!!!!

  12. nvr2curvy! says:

    Damn Em! The sexy look was great for the occasion. Club=Sexy…I am sure that at a classier event she would tone it down…cardio my butt!

    • Ms Davis says:

      she looks like TRASH! call me a hater…but class is class and the dress and her big ass in it is classless. Sorry. Take out the Trash…and make sure Emily is going out with it in this dress. The shoes are cute…the dress is cute…but it all goes to trash when you squeeze her big ass in it. Just cause they make it in your size doesnt always mean you should wear it and this is clearly the case with her. Too be a stylist hers is horrible….she NEVER wears anything that complements her body. Not saying she needs to be supper skinny at all but she looks like pigs in a blanket fighting to get out. that ass is HUGE…she needs to step away from the table if she wants to wear this type of dress. Its sad cause the person Draya yall want to call a sleeze bucket looks like she has more class then Emily…not a good look Emily…but i havent seen you in very many good looks

      • Deja says:

        Spoken like someone who has noassatall. This is Emily’s line so I’d say it was made for her…ass and all! Don’t be mad because you are used to shapes with asses that look like they’ve been bashed in with a sack of quarters. Boney assed rejects I swear! As long as she’s healthy (curvy & thick does not equal unhealthy) and they are her clothes, who are any of you to tell her she’s not classy or she’s trying to be something she’s not? She’s grown and doesn’t need your approval by any means. Go Emily! Do you boo!

        • Jessi says:

          i’m a little girl…and i am not hating!! i feel like you, i mean, she’s got it…she can’t hide it. and those clothes are made for her!! they do look good!!!!!!! love her style!!

      • Swerve says:

        Stop Hating!!

      • nats says:

        girl shut the f– up!!!!!!!!!1 when u can look a quarter good looking as her maybe you opinion will be count or someone will give you a chance u must be a skinny bitch cuz only u guys have some nasty comments like that

  13. MARIA says:

    nahhh Emily looks GOOD!!
    she’s definitely rockin’ that DRESS, her SHOES, her hairstyle, everything!!

  14. RaeShelle says:

    This is a fabulous outfit, however it looks very skanky on her because of how voluptuous she is… Perhaps if it didn’t fit her like a bathing suit then it would look more appropriate.

  15. WTF2 says:

    I guess I just have to be a hater today. No Emily this dress is not for you. It’s a beautiful dress and the shoes are hot. The dress looks like it is to small for her.

  16. B_LYN says:

    That outfit is hot…the dress with the shoes is bangin’!

  17. JAYLUV1 says:

    I love it! she looks good and confident. She don’t look stressed out and sad. She looks like she’s finally starting to love what God blessed her with and not waiting for Fabz approval (he prolly told her she looked sexy), but i am saying…she looks happy. She doesn’t look out of pocket, still clean and fresh. She got the body for it and she rocking hard! Go Em!

  18. WTF says:

    What??? So if we say she looks bad in the dress we are haters? Celebs have their worst and best outfits I like Emily some what but I will say when it is to much and this is TOO MUCH I mean hello her body is to big and curvy to wear this especially at her age I can say if she was like 21. But she has a nice body but just because she has nice curves in the right place don’t mean you can wear anything

  19. CaseyJones says:

    Sorry she looks a mess…a big ole fat messy mess..llook like an expensive tramp…I think broads that rock dresses where u clearly can see u have no underwear on is beneath trashy…Im pretty damn fine with being a size 5 I would never wish to have thighs and legs of a 250lbs chick…her shape is off balance.

    • Kels says:

      And YOU are what’s wrong with this country these days. Ask any guy if he prefers your bony ass over her curves…. you’ll learn a new lesson today.

    • Lovingmycurves41 says:

      Lol, and you think Emily weighs 250lbs because she has the body of a woman? I usually don’t bash the Bootylicious challenged but I’m sure plenty of brothers out there would choose to cuddle up with Emily over your size 5 frame anyday, do I have any witnesses?

      • Deja says:

        There is no way to help someone understand the curvy & thick world when all they know are men who prefer to cuddle up with bodies shaped like young boys and screw a bunch of hangers. Loving curves, you get an amen from my corner, that’s where people living in the real world who et real food live. Just because folks tell you that looking like a bird with your collarbones poking out is cute, does not make it so. Just like your disgust for Em’s size doesn’t make her any less sexy to those who have not been brainwashed to think skinny & thin equals beauty & health.

    • Via says:

      Its bitches like you that contribute to ruining society!. You need to stop the self hate and destruction of other people’s self esteem. You know damn well that someone in you family is fucking overweight so come off of your high horse. I would rather lok like her then to be a size 5. (nothing is wrong with people who are) But no matter what size there is still beauty in a person. If you don’t like the dress then just say that..

  20. P says:

    If I was curvy like her I would be in that dress too, she is sexy, her belly is flat, she looks beautiful, I would rather be a curvy lady like her than a size zero anorexic chick running around talking about they are fat..haters get a life

  21. emily says:

    she is big, those legs could use some cardio….girl curves are great but you are borderline obese.

    • jess says:

      What a hater. she looks fine her stomach is flat and she is thick so thats borderline obese? have a seat __/ you’re either a fat chick that wants to be her, or a skinny chick with no curves

    • bobblez says:

      sorry girl not everyone has legs that are 90% bones looking some man like to have a hold on something instead holding a kids body in larger size lol

  22. FashionistaSteph says:

    I have a question, what would you wear under that type of dress. Like, what kind of underwear since the side are visible. Help!

    • yakini says:

      A flesh-colored thong or none at all, would be my guess.

    • bobblez says:

      or spanx but its clearly to see that she does wear something under it as shown in pic #2 the see trough part u can see her body it self has a other colour than her face and her arms so my quess she is wearing a body kinda suit or something. lol

  23. Tisha says:

    Lawd Have Mercy, It’s too much!

  24. She looks hot! I’m not a fan of this dress, though. The shoes, however… LOVE!

  25. WHEW!!!!!! OMG….

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