Behind-the-Scenes of Evelyn Lozada, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, & Chrissy Lampkin’s VIBE Photo Shoot

Behind-the-Scenes of Evelyn Lozada, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, & Chrissy Lampkin’s VIBE Photo Shoot

This weekend a few of our favorite reality starlets came together for a special VIBE photo shoot.  “Basketball Wives‘” Evelyn Lozada, “Love & Hip Hop’s” Chrissy Lampkin, “Braxton Family Value’sTamar Braxton, and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’sKandi Burruss were each spotted on-set looking amazing!

Throughout the day tweets were sent out about the shoot.

Via Evelyn: “I have no words… this is going to be EPIC!”

Via Kandi:With my girl @EvelynLozada in rollers & still looking good!”  

Via Celeb Hair Stylist Derek J: “On set wit @kandi @EvelynLozada @chrissylampkin and @TamarBraxtonHer cutting up. I love these girls”

Hmmm, now this is a fun and lively bunch! Check out more photos in the gallery below.

Photo Credits: Chrissy’s Instagram; Evelyn’s Blog

13 Responses to Behind-the-Scenes of Evelyn Lozada, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, & Chrissy Lampkin’s VIBE Photo Shoot

  1. Freak Bucket says:

    damn jim jones girl is THICK. i mean deliciously thick.

  2. LAURIELUV says:

    Ummmm WHO WHAT WHERE WHY & PLEASE DONT EVA DO IT AGAIN! WHO IS THE chick with the blue blockers & Horse Hair boots! Is that a Dude? Can somebody please tell me who this mess is!!!! ROTF

  3. Zak says:

    They all look nice but Chrissy is someone that I will never have respect for. She wasted her time fighting with others and living off a mans money than show the world who she really is and that is not what a women represent today…The pics and all of them look great.

    • jay says:

      What the hell u talking about wasted time? I fuck wit chrissy cause she didnt take no shit from those fake industry not in da streets females like fakebella and that otha non singing chic.

      • Laila says:

        Chrissy is an obnoxious untamed animal. Only a man who stays high 95% of the time would want someone like hers

        • Myladymo says:

          hahah….yeap i so agree with you cos thats the truth..they are not married yet?how many more years will she hav 2 wait?the ring will do for 5 more years?lol

    • Mel3177 says:

      …add Evelyn to that list!!! I think they all were beautiful and am LOVING Chrissy’s hair. However, Kandi should’ve declined that photo shoot (LOL)! Her image is not negative and controversial as the other two. Kandi has a PROVEN record of success and is very reputable and established in her craft. The other two (Evelyn and Chrissy) are just two reality birds. Give them a year or two and we will have forgotten about them…just like Buckey, Deelishis, New York and all the other VH1 “reality queens” (smh)!

      • Myladymo says:

        I thought so too…she shouldnt be with these loud mouth”women”with no manners or home training..heck not everybody fits into the sexy category anyways cos she doent look like she is comfortable.Unlike evelyn its all she does

  4. I. Am. So. Intrigued… right now. LOL. What are they up too?

  5. Shay says:

    All of the ladies look Fab! I wouldve loved to have seen pics of my girl Tay Tay Braxton. Who is the girl w the platinum tresses? Who ever she is.. she killin it! Stay Fab ladies!!

    • LAURIELUV says:

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOO! Did u say she was killing it? I die! That looks like a HOT damn MESS! WHo is that?

  6. They all look gorge! What’s up with those abs Ev?

  7. BellaK says:

    The pic with Evelyn and Chrissy looks like they were having fun. I like to see ladies getting older, but STILL got it! There is still FUN after 21! 🙂

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