Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Stylist Daniel Hawkins

Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Stylist Daniel Hawkins

It’s no secret that folks are fascinated with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” newest cast-mate this season Marlo Hampton. Whether you love her (or love to hate her), you can’t deny that the lady’s got style. I’d even venture to say that she’s the most fashionable one on the show.  She’s my personal favorite, anyway!  This weekend I caught up with the man behind Marlo Hampton: her personal assistant, stylist, and close friend Daniel Hawkins.

Daniel was so pleasant and forthcoming during our interview, and I enjoyed chatting with him about what it’s like to style Marlo, his inspiration behind some of his styling choices, and the challenges of working with her.  Check out an excerpt from our interview below as well as more photos in the gallery!

Reality TV Fashion: Firstly, thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with me! I know how jam-packed your schedule must be.  So I want to first introduce you to my readers.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Daniel: Well, I’m from a very small town in South Carolina called Irmo (close to Columbia, lol). Im 27! I’ve always worked in luxury retail, which sparked my interest in the career that I’m now in.  I originally had the dream of becoming a fashion designer as a child, then went on to study graphic design at my university, and finally discovered that my love for helping people achieve beauty could be done through styling. I am Marlo Hampton’s personal assistant as well so that brings on a whole other world than styling.

It’s hard to say which I enjoy most, for both of them have their exciting aspects. However I do know that fashion is my passion – I study it, live it and breathe it.  As of right now I’m in a happy place and love what I do. I don’t see any career changes in my near future.

Reality TV Fashion: Daniel, I have to say I love that you’re from a small town in South Carolina. My family is too [Orangeburg].  Of course, most people haven’t heard of Orangeburg unless they’re from there, lol.

Daniel: Wow what a small world! My mother actually graduated from SC State in Orangeburg, lol.

Reality TV Fashion: So can you tell us how you first got into this industry?  I mean, what attracted you to a career in styling?

Daniel: Well, as I sort of stated already, the styling just sort of fell into my hands. I always wanted to be a fashion designer. My mother has thousands of sketches from when I was a child of beautiful clothing that I would create. As I grew older I lost interest in the design aspect and decided to move towards the technical training of graphic design which only made me hunger for fashion again. So I put what I had learned from both and focused it in on styling!

Reality TV Fashion: Gosh, I’d love to see some of those sketches one day. I know they’re gorgeous. So, we know that you’re Marlo’s personal assistant and stylist, as well as a dear friend of hers.  How long have you been working with Marlo?

Daniel: Yes, Marlo and I have been friends for 8 years and I’ve worked for Marlo around 4 years officially.

Reality TV Fashion: And how would you describe Marlo’s signature style?

Daniel: Marlo is anything and everything GLAM.  Sequins, crystals, fringe. Whatever is high fashion.

Reality TV Fashion: Yes, she is! And I love that her style is very feminine as well – she isn’t afraid of lace and ruffles and the color pink, lol.  Maybe that’s why I connect with her, and the styling choices you all make.  Okay, so how would you describe your styling technique, with Marlo or other clients?

Daniel: My technique is learning my client. If she can’t embrace what she is wearing then the look comes off a fail. They must own it!

Reality TV Fashion: Wow, that’s such a great point. You can always tell when someone doesn’t feel confident or good about what they’re wearing – it really does show.  Okay, so tell us who some of your personal favorite designers are?

Daniel: My favorite designer is Valentino – the attention to detail and understanding of the ultimate feminine female is astonishing. Other designers that I love and use on the regular would be Chanel, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL, Dries Van Noten, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Helmet Lang, Celine, Oscar de la Renta, just to name a few… hell I love them all!

Reality TV Fashion: You know, it’s interesting Daniel – I’ve fallen in love with Valentino myself over this past year, and I realize now that’s directly linked to some of the gorgeous pieces I’ve seen Marlo in.  And I absolutely love Chanel as well! So what do you enjoy most about your job as a stylist/assistant?

Daniel: I love both of my titles for all different reasons. Styling – I am able to do what’s near and dear to my heart, and that is making people feel good about themselves and look fabulous!  However, being a personal assistant has taught me so much from an organization standpoint. It’s also great for networking, traveling and seeing the world, and really understanding how this industry works. And, of courses spending time with Marlo is most rewarding!

Reality TV Fashion: It’s so clear to me from all the photos I’ve seen of Marlo out and about that you really are her “right hand man.”  The love and connection you all share is undeniable.  But then, I’m sure that chemistry is a vital component of you all being able to work so well together.

Now, despite what some may think, I’m sure being a stylist to celebs isn’t all glitz and glam all the time.  What are some of the challenges of styling a high profile personality, like Marlo?

Daniel: When styling Marlo, since she has a great eye for fashion as well, we may bump heads, lol. We don’t always see eye to eye but through a little trial and error the vision comes to life!  Also, designer clothing normally isn’t made for a curvaceous form (not meaning overweight). Marlo is 5’10” and a size 4 or 6, but because of her figure major alterations are always a must. I believe in this fashion industry it’s very important to stand by your vision but to also be receptive to your client.

Reality TV Fashion: So true!  And yes, I’ve always had an appreciation for Marlo’s slim but curvy figure, lol. So who are some of the other folks you’ve styled – and tell us who would be your dream client to dress?

Daniel: Marlo is my main client and top priority. However, I dress several women off of the social scene, primarily football and basketball wives. I’m styling my “dream girl” now, but I would love to one day work with Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Blake Lively.

Reality TV Fashion: Great choices! J-Lo’s figure actually reminds me a little of Marlo’s.  So of course I’d love it if you would share with us your best fashion and/or beauty advice?

Daniel: My best advice is to not be afraid to take risks. From being very sexy to slightly odd there is a place for it in fashion. NEVER be afraid of the towering 6-inch stiletto, lol. Heels are a must in EVERY girl’s fashion world. They elongate the leg and make everyone from short to tall look fab. Also, if you do not have the designer budget it’s OK! Look to your favorite high fashion magazine and recreate it, stores like H&M, Zara, and ASOS are great substitutions.

Reality TV Fashion: Amen to that, Daniel! It’s funny you mentioned ASOS, since quite a few of the reality stars I’ve blogged about are big fans of the store.  Okay, so where can my readers find you on the web?

Daniel: I’m currently working on my website. It will be up in the near future. In the meantime if you have any questions for me feel free to take to my twitter @dhawk1984 or through “Ask Marlo” at www.simplymarlo.com.

Thanks so much Daniel, for taking the time to chat with Reality TV Fashion!

Tune in for an all new episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” airing next Sunday on Bravo at 9 pm. The ladies are still in South Africa and serving up fashion and fun – with a side of drama (just the way we like it)!

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  1. WHAT a great interview! AND he’s a nice looking man! *damn him for being non-straight!* LMAO!

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    Marlo is the answer to all your to ALL YOUR FASHION NEEDS

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    Marlo’s fashion is amazing! She is the ultimate diva of Atlanta!

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    Daniel is such a gem, very sweet!

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    Marlo is a size 4 or 6?

    • yakini says:

      Hmmm, she looks like a 6 to me – curvy, yes, but also slender. Remember, the camera adds weight. I’ve also found that designer clothes are cut generously, so a 4/6 in a European couture piece isnt the same as a 6 from Express or The Limited.

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