Jennifer Williams’ Red Lips Hoop Earrings on “Basketball Wives”

Jennifer Williams’ Red Lips Hoop Earrings on “Basketball Wives”

A few months back I attended Jennifer Williams‘ Lucid Cosmetics Launch party here in NYC.  At the event, she broke the news to Reality TV Fashion that she was in the process of expanding her Lucid Cosmetics brand to include a line of earrings as well.  The earring collection (that Jen actually helped design) was in development as we spoke!

Tonight on “Basketball Wives” Jen and Suzie met at the nail salon to chat more about what’s been happening within “the circle.”  Jen was casual in a black blazer, Burberry Newsboy Cap, Sobe Lucid Lip Gloss, and a large pair of hoop earrings with red lips.  The lips hoop earrings she wore on the episode are actually prototypes from her new Lucid jewelry line.  I think they’re super cute! Jen and her design team are currently working to make a few changes to the look of the earrings so they aren’t available at this time, but they’re coming really soon so be on the look out for that!

Although this is the first time she’s debuted them on the small screen, Jen’s actually been giving us sneak peeks of the fun and whimsical earrings over the last few months.  Check out the photo gallery below for more images of Jen rocking Lucid Lips Hoop Earrings!

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. NJ lady says:

    IDk. I think these earrings are really cute. however i do own these earrings and I had them since last year. I bought them wholesale. I don’t know if she is making a different version of them. I love jen however girl needs to do a little more research cause i bought a dozen of these earrings wholesale to sale on ebay!!!

  2. Tootweet2 says:

    The earrings are nice!

    Are these Jennifer’s design? I saw these earrings on Evelyns store site.

  3. Janey B.Smith says:

    Very nice hoops earrings. I like them!

  4. I like those earrings. Very whimsical.

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