Emily B. & Chrissy Lampkin Shop at Christian Louboutin in NYC

Emily B. & Chrissy Lampkin Shop at Christian Louboutin in NYC

Love & Hip Hop’sEmily Bustamante and Chrissy Lampkin enjoyed an afternoon of shopping at the Christian Louboutin store in NYC yesterday afternoon.  It appears that the meeting wasn’t planned!  “Look who I bumped into at Louboutin today,” Emily tweeted out to her followers, sharing a photo of herself along with her friend and cast-mate.  Emily was ready for Valentine’s Day in a cute white graphic tee featuring a red heart and Cupid shooting an arrow, while Chrissy kept it comfortable and pretty in an easy tan sweater atop a white tank with draped scarf.

Emily’s tweet was immediately met with congratulatory wishes for Chrissy on her pregnancy.  Pregnancy?! Emily firmly put those rumors to rest: “Umm chrissy is not pregnant tho smh #itstheshirt”  Hmmm, I don’t think Chrissy looks preggers in this photo.  You?

Emily later took to Twitter again to share the fab new additions to her closet, including the Maggie Glitter & Snake Platform Pump [$1395] and the Christian Louboutin Dafsling Python Platform Pump [$1075]. Sweet!

Photo Credit: Twitter

13 Responses to Emily B. & Chrissy Lampkin Shop at Christian Louboutin in NYC

  1. truthfulpoise says:

    Chrissy u are to intelligent not to be married before the baby, if it’s been that many years you been together, get the marrige cert first, then the baby.
    Doing what’s wrong first should not be the norm.

    • lilkunta says:

      truthfulpoise: it may not be that chrissy is ‘intelligent to not get pregnant b4 marriage’ it may be that bc she is 42 she is having trouble getting pregnant.

  2. shybyme says:

    ok Chrissy well it time to save some money for the baby like u always telling Jim he dont need to be spuging his money and u need to slow down shopping .

    That want gets me why is Jim Jones buying Cars and he dont have no DL..

  3. Maria says:

    geezus those shoes are bulky az hell … looks like SO MUCH SHOE …. smh

  4. Eboni says:

    I hope Chrissy didn’t cut her hair!!!!

  5. I have to agree with Tami before I even scrolled down to read the article , first thing I said is oh wow her stomach is poking out. I believe they want to keep it quiet for the next season of LAHH.

    Love Emily’s shoes!

  6. Tami says:

    She looks preggers to me! I have a great source tell me that she is and thats why no reunion show. They also declined doing a photoshoot for a cover for a mag I write for. I guess we know why now!

  7. MAN! Those shoes are a BEAST!

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