Starting the New Year Right: My Resolutions!

Starting the New Year Right: My Resolutions!

Me & My Guys for Halloween 2011

The New Year is in full swing and, like many, I’ve been reflecting on how I’d like to make 2012 my best year yet. I’ve teamed up with Tropicana® Trop50® to share some of my goals for the year designed to keep my mind, body, and spirit balanced.  Here are a few personal as well as business goals I’ve formulated:

Beauty Resolution:

I’ve decided to relaunch my Fokti Account and dive back into the hair game. What’s that, you ask? Well, a few years back I was very active in the black hair care community. I grew my 4a relaxed hair from a broken off, just-below-shoulder length to healthy waist length over a couple of years.  It was a fun challenge, one wrought with mini-setbacks as well as triumphs.  Right now I keep it around mid-back length, but I think I’m ready to grow it out again.

In any event, I used to post hair updates every 3 months via Fokti and folks looked forward to that. I’ve since stepped away from having a hair regimen and keep it pretty basic, but I’m missing that and also the extra TLC I put into my hair when I actually had to be accountable to folks.

Business Resolution:

I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring an intern (or two) to assist with Style Me Prissy. I’ve been feeling like I could really use the extra help, as I work full-time and am not able to give this blog (my “baby”) the 100% that it deserves. Emails go unanswered (sorry folks!), fabulous events missed due to my busy schedule, and great reality TV fashion left uncovered. As we grow in readership each day I am so proud of how far the blog has come in only 9 months, but there’s so much more room for growth. I want to continue giving ya’all up-to-date, fashionable coverage of reality TV and celeb style.  I think expanding my “team” (of 1) may be the answer, so look out for that in 2012.

Health Resolution:

So this year is all about setting realistic goals for myself. [Empty] promises to myself to lose exorbitant amounts of weight?  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!  I love my curves and don’t want to lose ’em! Healthy is the new skinny for 2012, so I’m all about keeping it fly and keeping it fit simply by living a healthier lifestyle rather than dieting.  For me that means majorly cutting back on sugar and calories.  I’m not willing to give up juice as yet (you have to crawl before you walk) so I’m starting with the Trop50 juice beverage, which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and has 50% less sugar and calories than other brands.  I picked up a bottle of the Orange Juice beverage and Raspberry Lemonade to try – YUM! Same sweet taste I crave with 50% less sugar? #WINNING

Romance Resolution:

My husband and I haven’t taken a vacation ALONE since before the kids were born. This is a far, far cry from the spontaneous jet-setters we were in our dating days. Aruba for my birthday, Negril “just because” – we were foot loose and fancy free, enjoying exotic travel, fine dining, and plenty of spirits. When our two boys came along…. screeeeeech!!  It kind of all stopped… primarily because I was reluctant to leave them alone for any period of time. Now that they’re 1 and 3 and have each other, I’m willing to let my (amazing!) mom keep them for a few days so I can give my hubs the quality time he deserves. So, in our efforts to keep it sexy for 2012 and not fall prey to the dreaded “Roommate Syndrome” new parents are so susceptible too, we’ve decided that we’re going away this year. This is my promise to him… let’s hope I follow through.

So what are your TRUE and realistic goals for 2012?

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15 Responses to Starting the New Year Right: My Resolutions!

  1. I am a champion of all of these resolutions! I’ve been meaning to pick your head about hair care tips so I am particularly glad to have read this resoluction. And help for the blog… what a good idea! If you need someone to cover events… *wink* (Of course, I may not have as much time as an intern, but hey, I’m working on my fashion writing skills.)

  2. Shelly says:

    I think you will reach your goals because you are so driven to begin with. I am so impressed with all the amazing things you have done with your blogs (while working full-time) I actually talk about how well you seem to balance everything to friend, family and fellow bloggers. As for myself, I plan to continue to do what I am doing and incorporate a little more “me time” as well as more date nights with my husband. I will be putting the kids second some times. It’s hard work making your marriage work so I am willing to do more to keep the flame burning. I also have some amazing things to come regarding my blog. I am so excited and looking forward to an amazing year!

    I wish you and your family the best for 2012 xo

  3. Wow good to hear about your goals.

    Well for me, I am pregnant…AGAIN…third and final baby. Baby is due in September.

    I started a new job with a different company so I will be concentrating on creating a good profile for myself.

    We are celebrating 5 years of marriage this year so we are off in May to Mauritius the Lord Willing…and He is willing. So thats our holiday for the year.

    Health-wise, I am joining a pregnancy weighless gropu tomorrow, this will ensure that I gain very little weight during this pregnancy, so I will have very little to shed after giving birth.

    All in All, I am looking forward to 2012!!!

  4. You have some great resolutions. I plan on wearing my hair in the spring/ summer, wish me luck! I feel you on bringing the sexy back! I want to take a trip as well but I know I am going to want to bring baby!

  5. Great goals Yaki! And although I believe you look great at any size, I definitely like you where you are right now!

    Trop50 tastes sooooo good btw.

  6. Shantel says:

    My 2012 goals are to tone up so I can look like Imani Showalter in a bathing suit (hot damn!!) and ween myself off of caffine.. namely my drug of choice Mt. Dew, lol.

  7. tami says:

    My hubby and I have never been on vacay alone, I plan to do that as well. Ive seen that juice in our grocery store here and have had the raspberry kind, delish! I am also growing my hair out, for no reason though lol. Just because! Great way to start off the new year!

  8. Osato says:

    Love your resolution, it’s so important to look forward to a healthier life style that’s why mine is to cut meat completely out of my diet this year ,and working on my time management

  9. Nikka Shae says:

    Yeah yes having a blog,a full time job, a wife, and a mother can be a task! I KNOW the feeling! There is so much more I would like to do but I do not have the time…… I know you feel this way too. Yes I remember Fotki. My pics are still up there but I fell out of my hair bandwagon and the hair site where I first saw you!!!! I was cateyes if you can recall and with my little girl posting…..too on the hair forum.

    2012 will be a wonderful year for you and your family many blessings!

  10. Glamamom says:

    Good luck girlie! Those all seem manageable and since you’re super woman, I know you’ll pull it all off. Definitely get help if you need it and spend time on your passions. Can’t wait to see that hair!

  11. Bika says:

    great resolutions! lmao at those costumes!! the diego wig though?? why would they make it all long & shoulder length like that, when it’s clearly for toddlers? hahhaha!

    being HEALTHY is the best! u will look & feel better after a lil while i’m sure.

  12. ReneeG says:

    I love your resolutions and I applaud you for making the decision to go away with your husband for a fun vacation. I have two kids that are four and under and I’m still working up the courage to go on vacation without them.

  13. These are all awesome! THats right..healthy is the new skinny! We can do it by our Birthday (although Im sure you def dont have as much as me to lose..or heck..any at all to be frank!) And I cant wait to see what sexy adventures you and D go on! *nude beach* maybe? (LOL)

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