Meagan Goode for Hype Hair

Meagan Goode for Hype Hair

Meagan Goode gets super glam for the January/February 2012 issue of Hype Hair magazine.  In the feature she discusses her latest acting projects, her staple hair and beauty products and, of course, the secret to maintaining her look.  Hype Hair says of the young starlet: “Meagan Good has truly impressed us all with her continuous beautiful looks, which is why Hype Hair has given her the title of their ‘Breakout Style Star of the Year.’  I second that! Ever since Meagan rid herself of those long, predictable tresses and started rocking with the short cut her look has been super fly.

In the issue Hype Hair also features the ladies of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop,” with commentary and DIY tips on the hairdos sported by cast members Kimbella, Chrissy, Olivia, Emily, Yandy, and Somaya.  Another set of reality TV stars showcased are the sisters of “Braxton Family Values.” Fun!

6 Responses to Meagan Goode for Hype Hair

  1. Super fly indeed. I’m so used to seeing her as a “groupie” type girl, but was very happy when I saw her in this hair cut. It’s so pretty on her, too. Go Meagan!

  2. I think they made her a little too draggy here…

    • yakini says:

      I see what you’re saying. I think maybe if they toned down everything one notch it’d all be softer and prettier… the smokey eyes + excessive blush + bright lip is a bit much, yes?

  3. eboni says:

    Meagan = gorgeous as always! My current hair cut was inspired by her!

    • yakini says:

      Oh snap! Yess!! Now that I think about it, ya’alls cuts are similar! Pretty!!! If I went short, I’d do something that was a mix of hers, Lola Monroe’s, and Kandi’s from last season of RHOA! Love that.

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