Marlo Hampton in Valentino on European Vacay

Marlo Hampton in Valentino on European Vacay

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Marlo Hampton recently enjoyed a European vacay with friends.  “International traveling is one of the most fab things to do. #jetsetter #6inchheelairportflow,” she tweeted out to her followers while en route to Belgium. In addition to spending time at L’Avenue on Avenue Montaigne and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, she also had a little fun trying on gowns at the Valentino boutique.

I love Marlo’s free-spirit and spontaneous nature, and can’t wait to see her next week in South Africa on the RHOA!

Photo Credit: Twitter

10 Responses to Marlo Hampton in Valentino on European Vacay

  1. I’m really trying to make my way to Europe or South America by next year. Just have to save for Aiden and me.

    I’m in love with those gowns… *Faints.*

  2. Dr. Reginia says:

    Marlo is quite free-spirited. I’ve never heard her described that way…perfect phrase for her.

  3. Vonmiwi says:

    I find Marlo fascinating and glamorous and I love to see women living well.

  4. Shantel says:

    I need some Hampton money… as in Marlo Hampton! Hmph. I got stamps in my passport, but not LIKE THAT!

  5. So who takes care of her kids while she is doing all that jet-setting

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