Kimbella Vanderhee’s Sexy Lingerie Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Kimbella Vanderhee’s Sexy Lingerie Pregnancy Photo Shoot

This week on the finale of “Love & Hip HopKimbella’s parents flew in from Miami to visit their grand kids and Kim informed them that she’s preggers with her third child (second with Juelz Santana).  Though her announcement is met with trepidation, Kimbella vows that she’s going to make it work, despite the dysfunction of her current relationship with Juelz.

Kimbella is currently 13 Weeks pregnant and I thought it’d be fun to take a stroll down memory lane to a time when she and her boo were, well, happier.  With their first child together, Kimbella showed off her baby bump in a sexy photo shoot for her man shot by photographer Felix Natal Jr.

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  1. Princess Diva Z says:

    This is disgusting…. She should be ashamed of herself. Pregnant naked pics or nearly naked pics can be beautiful but, this holding the bottom of your bikini bottoms down and leaning over trying to show your a** is just what I expect from Kimbella. She is disgusting and these pics made me gag…Ugh so sick

  2. Courtney says:

    who cares actually celebs have been doing these for nearly 25 years starting with Melissa Gilbert for the March 29th 1989 issue of Hello Magazine up to hte most recent which was Jessica Simpson for the April Issue Of Elle. pregnancy is a beautiful miracle that deserves to be celebrated

  3. Brittany says:

    Pregnant and still beautiful

  4. LovelyMe says:

    For those who talking sh*t, yall jst hater for reals!! Kim has a GREAT BODY for a pregnant women. Yall jst mad cus yall cnt hit that or for the females yall jst mad cus yall dnt have a body like hers! So STFU! Plus she aint Naked she’s covering her parts. & if i had a body like hers i would show it off too. #ENOUGH SAID!

  5. nichola says:

    i have never seen something normally so wonderful and beautiful made to look sooooooooooooooooooooo trashy, gross, and down right nasty!!!! i hope she gets a nanny to handle the baby, cuse that child has nop hope with a “mother” if that is what you want to call it, like that!!!!

  6. joycew says:

    pics could be better or better cloths to say the least. but she looks fabbbbbb

  7. MR. J says:

    yes looking baby looking good keep up the good work

  8. T. Todd says:

    To each there own. Her body looks good for a pregnant woman. Were these photos intended for the baby daddy only & they got leaked? If so I don’t see any harm, she felt beautiful & wanted to share the experience with the baby daddy. If she taken the photos for others to see it then I would have to say she could’ve chosen tasteful outfits to wear that would show the beauty of her expecting child.

  9. Scoops says:

    This is so inappropriate to me. Leave something for the bedroom already. Some people strive so hard to gain attention, they will do anything to get it! I feel for her once her sons get older. They will have no respect for her at all.

  10. genesis says:

    a lot of airbrushing but she still looks hella good.

  11. Bebegirl058 says:

    Kimbellas looks beautiful and sexy. There is nothing wrong with looking sexy while being pregnant. Many Hollywood celebrities have poseds like this….Didna’t you mother teach you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. Stop hating.

  12. Roll Dog says:

    She is kind of tempting me to “give her another child”.

  13. TaT says:

    First of all, I don’t have to know her. These pictures look NOTHING like her. She’s airbrushed to hell. And from what I saw of her on the show, she’s as nasty on the inside as she is on the out.

    • Ladyluck says:

      Kimbell had a tummy tuck after her second child, her stomach is going to be super fabby and out of shape after this one. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

  14. TruthzFinest says:

    She looks beautiful! I’m a Libra woman just like Kimbella…and when I get pregnant I plan on doing the same thing, if not more. There are soo many jealous people out here. Get a life ya or correct body!

  15. sharz says:

    i love these go head girl pregnant women can be sexy too love it

  16. BrooklynLass says:

    Do not know, and do not want to know this woman.

    One of the commentators indicated basically that “people didn’t know her”. I’d like to point out that you do know “everything” about a person. However, in this case, the little that I do know, that she took erotic pictures – while she was carrying a child, tells me more than enough about her morals – or lack thereof. How “low” can any woman go.

    If this was my son’s wife, carrying my grandchild, he would be riddled with such shame. I don’t know what kind of man would stand for his woman taking sexy pictures while carrying his child.

    I feel sorry for this child’s grandparents if the child’s father or mother don’t have any kind of pride.

    • joycew says:

      so becuz she is pregnant she should not take sexy pictures. she should reserve it for only when shes not pregnant? is that what ur saying. It is 2012 she is embracing her body and if she and her family feel comfortable enough to do it, their biz. she looks wonderful. some and maybe you wish you can do this. I would not do this because my lifestyle is different. would not mind giving it to my hubby. but stand back relax, is the life style she chooses. she not sexing no body or humping someone. Her ass not in the air, leave it be. so what and what if it was ur grand child. It is not about you. stick your nose out, if you do not have any thing good to say keep it moving.

  17. Classy_mula says:

    You guys allll act like you know her. Have you hung out with her or gotten a chance to know her So stop passing judgement on her. She’s a beautiful woman stop looking at how the tv portrayed her. We do not know what really goes on behind closed doors unless we are sitting right next to her. I bet half the people on this don’t have the nice body she has or the smile that made her money or else we would have people blogging about us. She’s attractive and there are numerous of people who take pregnancy photos it’s 2012 stop being a lame. It’s tasteful no matter if it’s airbrushed we all see how she looks on tv. Stop hating she doesn’t know us and we don’t know her she didn’t even go on the show with an attitude until people like you guys passed judgement . Grow up and get your own life. Focus on your own body health future and if you would be blessed to have children and a long lasting marriage!

  18. Al tia says:

    Cute piczzz

  19. Katrina450 says:

    these pictures as so airbrushed, they don’t even look like her. And if you consider a stripper outfit tasteful, then yes that blue string bikini is high class. Keep something for the bedroom.

  20. MiMi says:

    These pics are old. They are from her last pregnancy.

  21. RockStar says:

    Seriously What does she need a photo shoot for She’s so Tacky and distasteful not the Imagine of a real woman at all

    • Scoops says:

      A real woman would not put her personal business like this out for the world to view. This would be for her husband’s eyes only. But women these days are so desperate for attention, they post half naked pics on Facebook to see how many “Likes” they will receive. Absolutely pathetic. How much did she get for this show? Maybe 40K…she needs to get a life and a real career so her sons will have someone to be proud of and look up to. I am disgusted…

  22. deb says:

    Wow, Kimbella you couldn’t wait for a ring and a wedding
    before having another baby, you said your mom didn’t teach you anything about men, relationships etc… and you had to learn it
    all on your own. Sorry girlie, but you didn’t teach yourself jack the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. I never cared for
    you and now I really don’t. you are a disappointment take a look
    at the woman in the mirror…. You’re so sad….

  23. She looks stank as hell.

  24. tami says:

    ummmm no comment

  25. She looks good but I think she is doing to much! Nobody wants to see all that with a baby up in there! LOL

  26. Mrs. J says:

    If I EVER have another baby…I hope I look that good!!!

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