Emily B. Comfy & Casual in Moncler Sweatsuit & Timbs

Emily B. Comfy & Casual in Moncler Sweatsuit & Timbs

This afternoon “Love & Hip Hop” co-star Emily Bustamante showed us that it’s not always about a body-con dress and stiletto heels.  Though we love that look on her, her casual swagger is just as cute!  “On my bummy swag.. Moncler sweatsuit & timbs #comfy,” she tweeted out to her followers.  She rocked the Moncler Melange Grey Hooded Sweatshirt [$478] and sweatpants [$225] from the European luxury apparel brand along with a white tee and fresh pair of Butters (as we used to call them in MD/DC back in the day).

Photo Credit: Twitter

17 Responses to Emily B. Comfy & Casual in Moncler Sweatsuit & Timbs

  1. She looks cute – but I gotta side eye $600 sweats, as well as the way she tied her Timbs all super tight. She’s from NY – I need for her to know that you DONT rock timbs with the laces strangling your ankles like that.

    • yakini says:

      lol, goodness, not strangling!
      I guess that’s the new school way of tying them. She’s originally from VA anyway, so maybe that’s how they do it there.

  2. blahh says:

    her curves are everything

  3. Mrs. J says:

    That girl has curves for days…love her!!! She looks cute (and I def share the same sentiments as the ladies above)…$600 jogging suit…OUCH! If only…

  4. SiBonita says:

    ahhh–now this is right up my alley! i swear, my style used to be nothing but either short freakum dress, or bummy/tomboy/comfortable w/timbs or chucks. (i think only in the last year or two have i finally found a happy medium, lol) anywhoo, she’s hot as always, but that price tag is ridicccc.

  5. Even her hips look juicy in a sweatsuit…and to be “bummy” in a $600 sweatsuit. Now if she said it was from WalMart…..(LOL)

  6. Shantel says:

    I love that look.

  7. Niqua Moore says:

    It’s certainly a different look for Em but I appreciate knowing that she does throw on “regulars” (if I can say that considering the price tag *lol*) to knock around in.

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