Chanel-Inspired Manicure: DIY

Chanel-Inspired Manicure: DIY

Santa didn’t bring you that quilted lambskin handbag you asked him for?  No worries! Deniz of Emerald Sparkled shows us how to experience a bit of Chanel for under $20!


  • black creme nail polish
  • China Glaze 2030 (a gold chrome)
  • metallic Chanel decals (eBay)


“I painted the decal on my thumb with black polish, and let it dry for about 10 minutes. I stamped the design from m83 in gold and black, and also the bead design from m62 on my thumb. I put a tiny drop of topcoat on my thumb and middle nails, and pressed the Chanel decals on top. After holding them like that about a minute, I topped everything with Sally Hansen Insta Dri.”






6 Responses to Chanel-Inspired Manicure: DIY

  1. These designs are so cute! Looks like a fun project to do with one of my girlies.

  2. I do not have a steady hand and I am not skilled.

  3. Glamamom says:

    Santa failed me too so this will have to do! Actually, this looks pretty awesome.

  4. eboni says:

    I love it! This is so creative and looks super easy to do

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