Tracee Ellis Ross’ “Wendy Williams Show” Green HONOR Dress & Geometric Print Christian Louboutins

Tracee Ellis Ross’ “Wendy Williams Show” Green HONOR Dress & Geometric Print Christian Louboutins

Last week “Reed Between the Lines” star Tracee Ellis Ross appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” in the Gathered Side Dress [$2600] in green from HONOR by Giovanna Randall’s Fall 2011 Collection and Panama Geometrico Daffodile Christian Louboutins.  I’m so into green these days, so I was all over her dress – I love the clean, feminine lines of the frock. She looks amazing – hair is big and fabulous as ever, and the booty is still out of control.  Grrrr, these TV still shots of mine do it no justice – hope you were able to check the segment out for yourself!

In any event, when Tracee first made her entrance she was cute as she wanted to be!  She made a big deal of walking ever so gingerly over to the special guest couch, all whilst coaching herself not to fall and, once comfortably seated, confided in Wendy: “These are not walking shoes.  I call these Wendy shoes…. I went for these because, well, look at them!  I literally saw them at Barneys and I was like, well I love them.  But I said, you can’t buy them because what are they for?  And then I was like they’re for Wendy Williams.  They’re for a couch.”  And she extended a slender leg to show off her tribal print sky high Loubies in all their glory.

During the segment, Tracee also talked about sharing the same sense of style with her legendary mom.  On Diana Ross’ fashion, she revealed: “I adore, am obsessed with, and steal everything I can from my mother. It’s like going to the same vintage store and everything is my size!”  Tracee also reported that, while she loves her role on her new BET series, she still stays in touch with her former “Girlfriends” castmates and would love it if there were a “Girlfriends” movie, if for no other reason than to gain closure.  But, she said with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, “…the fans have got to ask for it.”  

This was such a fun episode of Wendy – I’m bummed I deleted it from our Tivo.  I can watch my boo Tracee on the small screen over and over again.

Hair by Chuck Amos & Makeup by Ashunta Sheriff

Tracee was spotted in the Pleated Shoulder Dress [$3500] by HONOR in raspberry when she emceed the Fashion Forward Luxury Auction with Brad Goreski back in November.  The dress is very similar to the Gathered Side Dress but is not gathered at the waist and features a regular, high back.

18 Responses to Tracee Ellis Ross’ “Wendy Williams Show” Green HONOR Dress & Geometric Print Christian Louboutins

  1. I love me some Tracee too! She is too cute with her big hair and her fab fashion! And those shoes?! Those babies are BADDDD!!!! Whew! They may not be for walking, but she is WORKING it!

  2. Mrs. R says:

    That dress and those shoes!! Traci can do no wrong in my eyes! I love her!!!

  3. tami says:

    Met her in person here in Atlanta where they film the show, no comment lol but she has a nice figure! Love the shoes, Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo

    • yakini says:

      Tami, omg, you know I remember that post and thought about you as well when I wrote this ~ LMAO

      • tami says:

        Yes she is a hot mess and very arrogant, didnt care for her at all. I hate when I think someone is going to be so cool in person that you like on tv then when you meet them you get the pie face! #epicfail

        • yakini says:

          Yeah, I just hope it was an “off” day for her but even still….. on their “off” days celebs should maintain some semblance of civility and kindness. It’s the cost of fame, if you will…. having to put on that smile & be courteous even when you dont always feel like it, ya know?

  4. Kristin says:

    That color is gorgeous…and those shoes…WOW!

  5. Tracee Ellis Ross is my fashion ICON! Her style is just sick and simple! Those shoes….

  6. inga says:

    Oh, hey sis!

  7. Her body is off the chain! She has a very cute shape. I’m sure Ms. Ingrid will appreciate this post, lol

  8. Her body is killer..and those shoes are DOPE!!!

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