Printed Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips

Printed Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips

This past Fashion’s Night Out I was invited to the Warren-Tricomi Salon in Manhattan for a complimentary Violent Lips temporary lip tattoo application. I passed on the invite at the time and now I see that this beauty trend has continued to rise in popularity.  Celebs are popping up all over the place with Violent Lips!  Hmmm, I have mixed feelings about the trend, as I’m not quite sure where I’d rock such a dramatic look. I don’t hate it though…

What about you?

Photo Credit: Violent Lips; Twitter

10 Responses to Printed Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips

  1. Okay, call me old fashioned/conservative/etc, but this is totally freaking me out! #ThatIsAll #CarryOn

  2. Glamamom says:

    I think it’s pretty cool for an editorial. Not to hang out it. How do you sip your cocktail?

    • yakini says:

      LOL, good point Jill. Esp. since it supposedly comes off really easily, with Vaseline. That would not be cute if it starts coming off mid-way thru the event.

  3. Bika says:

    lol @ you, with some convincing, wearing pink giraffe. it’s very bold! i could see it on runways. u know those designers like to be over-the-top with their hair/make up…

  4. eboni says:

    meh – I don’t really like. The red “feisty” caught my eye because I like the shade of red, but thats about it.

    Kim K looks cute though

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, that shade of red is gorgeous.
      Well like i said, i have mixed feelings about it…. BUT if someone were to twist my arm, i could possibly see me in “the pink giraffe.” lol

  5. The glittery and more muted colors may work. But not stuff w/ cheetah print and flags. Those work for nails…IMO

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