Malaysia Pargo Shares Photos of her Real Hair – NO Extensions!

Malaysia Pargo Shares Photos of her Real Hair – NO Extensions!

Recently “Basketball Wives L.A.’s” Malaysia Pargo took to Twitter and showed us that just because she enjoys her occasional sew-in for television and media appearances doesn’t mean she’s bald.  She twitpic’d photos of her natural hair (which is 100% chemical free – no relaxer) just before getting extensions put in by her stylist Kesha levy.

Malaysia Pargo’s REAL Hair Without Extensions

Photo Credit: Twitter

11 Responses to Malaysia Pargo Shares Photos of her Real Hair – NO Extensions!

  1. She has really healthy hair, it seems. That’s great that she takes good care of it, even with the extensions.

  2. Mrs. J says:

    I’m a hair junkie and that was borderline hair porn…hahaha!!!! Gorgeous hair…I’d be hiding it too!

  3. She has beautiful hair! I would not be sporting a weave. But let me shut up cuz mine is long but I just take it down, wash and throw it back in.

  4. ya’ll are hair twins. LOL

  5. Rita says:

    Oh wow, I’m amazed and delighted, I figured she had hair but never that much, good for her.

  6. That’s that “Cali” hair, lol

  7. Bika says:

    yay! she’s so gorgeous, and i’m envious of that hair! something told me her hair was real…maybe not always 100% on the show, but you could tell it was very shiny and healthy and had some length. plus u know those “hood” princesses always keep their hair fly!!

  8. ReneeG says:

    Beautiful and glossy!

  9. Fatimah says:

    There is something about Malaysia Pargo that I really like. She doesn’t seem to try to hard to be something she’s not. Also I think she is pretty. She’s got that beautiful sista girl swagg going on. (on a side note, when I saw her on the first episode, she kinda reminded me of a young Robin Givens. But after seeing her more, not so much anymore)

  10. Krystel says:

    Her hair looks great!

  11. Sheena says:

    All I have to say is Booyah! Girl’s got butters! LOL

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