“Love & Hip Hop’s” Emily B. in American Apparel

“Love & Hip Hop’s” Emily B. in American Apparel

Yesterday Brooklyn rapper Fabolous appeared on “106 & Park” to chat with Terrence J. and Rocsi about his world tour, thoughts on the current season of “Love & Hip Hop,” and his new mixtape which drops on Christmas.  His stylist and longtime on-again/off-again boo Emily B. showed support by accompanying him to the show.

Prior to the taping Emily instagrammed a photo of her outfit and tweeted out to her followers this afternoon: “Yesterday At 106.. love these jeans from American Apparel #nofilter.”  That sleek fit… that tiny waist… girl, we love them too.  Get ’em!

Missed the segment? Check out the video below.

21 Responses to “Love & Hip Hop’s” Emily B. in American Apparel

  1. Loice says:

    does anyone know who made her top?

  2. row says:

    I tried on this jean/legging but it was ill fitting in the back! My ass looked like pancakes without backing soda… flat. It has like these small small pockets. I wonder if she has the same problem.

    • yakini says:

      Oh lord! lol. That doesnt sound hot at all. Yeah, i also wonder how these jeans look on her from the back. Because from this front angle they look really good.

  3. Her waste is T-I-N-Y! Super sexy!

    (PS: I used to have a crush on Fab during his “I’m So Into You” days with Tamia. Remember that song?

  4. Leslie J says:

    I did not know that Emily a body like that. On the show she looks bigger, but that chica is BADD!

  5. I need to work out…Lord Jesus!

  6. Fatimah says:

    Emily is the ish! Love her shape, inspires me to join planet fitness this new year and get it going!

  7. tami says:

    Ww dont have that store in my area of town, I will have to drive 50 minutes to lenox mall in Atlanta to check them out.

  8. bbd says:

    She’s the definition of a bad b#&@h

  9. eboni says:

    Emily has a baaaaddddd shape! I love it!

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