Lola Monroe Photographed by Will Sterling

Lola Monroe Photographed by Will Sterling

Video vixen turned rapper Lola Monroe aka Angel “Lola” Luv is super gorge in a photo shoot to celebrate her new partnership with rapper Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang Crew.”  The DC native is gearing up to release her new single and two new mix tapes. She also recently launched her non-profit foundation “Triumphant Angel,” that focuses on all aspects of abuse regardless of sex, sexual preference, and race [The YBF].

Top: Sonya Bee’s Boutique

Feather Top: Avnah Davis-Long; Shoes: Ashley Hart Anderson

StylistKollin Carter
PhotographerWill Sterling
Makeup: Jeremy Dell
Hair: Lashaundra Stansel

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  1. These photos are hott! It pays to be a video vixen. (Kidding!)

  2. She is almost too pretty! LOL. I used to have hair like that!

  3. Her haircut is SUPER dope

  4. Glamamom says:

    I love these visuals. Amazing styling.

  5. These are nice pictures of her…

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