Draya Michele & Rosa Acosta for Haute Headz Head Chainz

Draya Michele & Rosa Acosta for Haute Headz Head Chainz

Ever wonder what your favorite reality TV starlets are up to between seasons?  Well aside from pursuing her modeling and acting career, apparently Draya Michele of “Basketball Wives L.A.” has also been keeping herself busy as the face of Haute Headz, a new head chain and head band line by Adrianne Michelle.

Draya Michele in “Brooklyn Linkz” for Haute Headz

Professionally trained dancer and model Rosa Acosta has also partnered with the hair jewelry line, modeling “Queen of Egypt”  and “Cameo Queen” below.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Draya Michele and Rosa getting glammed up for their Haute Headz photo shoot.

Hmmm, this is an interesting trend. I haven’t seen anyone on the streets of NYC rocking a Haute Headz Head Chain, so maybe it hasn’t caught on here just yet. What do you think… would you rock a head chain?

12 Responses to Draya Michele & Rosa Acosta for Haute Headz Head Chainz

  1. She looks really pretty in that second picture. I like the dress. I would not rock this look. Like, ever. Maybe on Halloween, but even that would be a stretch. I’m not a fan.

  2. Unless you are in a Hindu ceremony(wedding/funeral/etc)…I see no practical function for this. AT ALL!

  3. Those are cute! That’s Tank’s ” baby mama” on the left in the pic with the two girls.

  4. nabs says:

    i think they’re cute. i remember when i saw khloe kardashian rocking this type of headgear like 2 seasons ago. very cute and fashion-forward.

  5. Roe (2x's) says:

    These chains are cute but the trend may not spread like wild fire until the spring amongst us err day prissy folk because they’re not functional with everyday winter wear.

  6. YUMMommy says:

    Not really feeling that head chains look. I don’t think it’s caught on anywhere outside of celebrities to be honest. I think a lot of designers are still pushing it because they don’t want it to be a failed trend attempt.

    • yakini says:

      I actually really like the two headbands at the bottom. However, if i were to rock any of them, it’d probably be Draya’s look as that one seems the simplest, and sometimes less is more when you’re trying out a new trend. I am curious to see how widespread this becomes – it’s a cute concept, i think.

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