Denise Vasi Replaces Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies”

Denise Vasi Replaces Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies”

When it was announced that Stacey Dash would not be returning to “Single Ladies” for a second season we all wondered who would fill her shoes? Today VH1 has informed us that the character “Val” has been eliminated, and actress Denise Vasi has been cast as “Raquel,” a sophisticated business woman and friend of Keisha’s (LisaRaye McCoy).  Raquel is from a prominent Southern family and on a quest to discover passion [Vh1 Blog].

Denise is best known for her roles in “All My Children,” “White Collar,” “When In Rome,” and “What’s Your Number?” As far as whether or not the fabulous Anthony L. Williams will be styling Denise… well, the verdict is still out on that!  Season Two of “Single Ladies” will premiere in the summer of 2012!

7 Responses to Denise Vasi Replaces Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies”

  1. Audrey says:

    Isn’t the girl in the GO! video with Common…and Russell Simmons ex-girlfriend?

  2. She’s pretty. She kinda reminds me of a younger Stacey Dash. I wonder if they did that on purpose…

  3. KoolKish says:

    She is beautiful, however she looks a bit young in comparison with the other ladies. I will be tuning in to see how it goes.

    • Roe (2x's) says:

      I was thinking the same thing too! Lisa Raye will look older than the rest of the cast. That won’t work out unless their relationship dynamics are same as Keri & Samantha from SATC.

  4. Fatimah says:

    Sorry but I don’t this will work. Didn’t this girl model and or date Russell Simmons at one time? Anyhoo….I wonder what really happened with Stacy!

  5. They just had to find somebody with some funny colored eyes tho, lol! She’s pretty. I’ve seen her in stuff before.

  6. Harpo…who dis woman?? (LOL)

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