NeNe Leakes Shows Off Her Shoe Collection on “The Today Show”

NeNe Leakes Shows Off Her Shoe Collection on “The Today Show”

It’s no secret that “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes love shoes!  Earlier this week she sat on a panel on “The Today Show” to talk about why women are so obsessed with shoes.  Following the discussion she twitpic’d the following image to her followers, stating: “Just finished a photo shoot n my closet wit all my fabulous shoes! I love shoes.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

Many don’t know, but NeNe is currently working on her own line of shoes that will cater to plus-size feet.  “My line is called Strut,” she states.  “They will be specialty shoes for those who wear a size 9-13, will range between $80-200, and will hopefully be sold on a home shopping network.  My shoes are for women or gay men who wear high heels.”

Well then!

I love that NeNe doesn’t discriminate and loves all her fans/stans equally, and I’m definitely curious to see samples from this line once they are available. Way to keep on expanding your brand, NeNe!

20 Responses to NeNe Leakes Shows Off Her Shoe Collection on “The Today Show”

  1. Glamamom says:

    Strut is a very cool name for a shoe brand. Good for her. I would kill for just one pair in that closet!

  2. Dansko says:

    Thank you from a fellow shoe lover

  3. Dr. Reginia says:

    Nene is working her 15 minutes. Can’t be too mad at her. Get the opportunities while they are available. I wish she would tone down the defense mean girl mantra though.

    • yakini says:

      I know – i think its such a great concept. Ive heard ladies with longer feet complain about the lack of cute variety and affordability in their size.

  4. YUMMommy says:

    Nene is doing it all-restaurants, tv, shoes, clothes and more. Get that money.

  5. osato says:

    wow ok! for men too, sorry but that cracked me up but sounds like great moves

  6. Well…that b(Tch might actually end up as rich as she wants. a Shoe Line for big feet?? GENIUS! Will be sharing this on the Shoe Blog

  7. Good for NeNe! I am not the biggest fan of hers but she’s trying to do something positive and its shoes!!!!!! So good luck and much success to her.

  8. Earthangel172 says:

    Now this is something that’s positive that I can support. I hope her plans come to fruition and will be on the lookout for the shoe collection.

  9. Leslie says:

    That’s great for her. RHOA won’t last always so it’s great that she is getting into other endeavors. And hey, I love shoes so I will definitely be on the look out for Strut. Love the name too!

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