NeNe Leakes Launches $150 “I’m Very Rich B*@#h” T-Shirt Line

NeNe Leakes Launches $150 “I’m Very Rich B*@#h” T-Shirt Line

Yesterday, while we were all waiting for NeNe to show up at the Lucid Lip Gloss Launch Party for her bestie Jennifer Williams, she was busy working on her next money-making venture!  She tweeted out to her followers: “Check out I’m Very Rich B*@#h T-shirts all Swarovski crystal.”

It looks like the reality TV diva intends to capitalize off the dramatic falling out she had with fellow castmember Sheree Whitfield in last week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  During the argument, Sheree accuses NeNe of doing her dirty in a business deal and NeNe retorts that she has no reason to ever steal money from Sheree because “I’m very rich!” She goes on to talk about her vast bank account and, as she storms off, reminds Sheree that she even paid $50,000 for her veneers.  (The girl’s teeth do look good).

I guess NeNe really doesn’t play when it comes to making money… and, personally, I’m not mad at her for that. Sheree got paid when she trademarked “Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo?” and then launched a t-shirt design contest and Evelyn did well off her “Non-Mutha F’N’ Factor” tees.

To NeNe I say: Go on and get yours too, boo!

Oh, and as far as whether or not NeNe ever made it to the launch event – she did a “drive by” but never came in.  Jen, Al Reynolds, and Mashonda all went out to the car to greet her and ask her to come inside but she chose to remain put.  I stood by the door and watched the exchange and saw NeNe roll her neck and exclaim: “I’m not going in there!”

A shame, I was looking forward to meeting the larger-than-life reality TV personality, and checking out her fashion as well as shoe game (that I know was fierce!).  Maybe next time.

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  1. luvrumcake says:

    I hope she didn’t do what Mama Jones did on Love and Hip Hop and printed out a cazillion t-shirts….How dare these Reality Show women promote women calling women bitches. That she thinks people will spend $150 on a “vulgar” t-shirt is a sad state of affairs. This proves where the world is headed.

  2. Glamamom says:

    She’s a great entertainer but a tee that reads, “b*tch” is not for this Glamamom.

  3. SiBonita says:

    sigh…nene…i’ve been over her since i watched her on “celebrity apprentice”…she was just unnecessarily mean and hurtful on the show; it was just too much! but i digress…

    the new venture–waaaack. lol, i mean, first off–$150?!?! and who is going to wear a tacky shirt with bejeweled “crystals” that spells out the word bitch? like really? at least evelyn’s tacky shirt had “F’n” instead of the real thing! and what’s funny is the people who are going to actually buy the shirt aren’t going to be the “very rich” people; it’s going to be folks who aren’t even making 6 figures a year, let alone 7. who know good and well they don’t need to be dropping $150 on a bejewelled t-shirt. just plain tacky!

    on a positive note (cause you know, i like to keep it positive on your site, lol)…i really like that nene has stayed with the blonde look, it really suits her. some people are just meant to rock the blonde (like mary j), cause not everybody can pull it off!

    • yakini says:

      lmaoo!!!! love how you ended your comment on a positive note, and i agree – she is one brown sista who can rock blonde and WELL!!!

      With that said, i completely agree that $150 is a ridiculous figure and she is being way too ambitious with that. I mean, dang, even $49.99 would have been high. That shirt needs to be in the range of $25-30 and that’s generous. As you’ve correctly stated, that price is really not consistent with the audience that I’m sure she’s targeting, and i have a feeling that her sales (or lack thereof) will reflect that.

      I also agree with the cursing element. I think she’d have increased her number of sales if the shirt alluded to the word B- rather than spelling the whole thing out. I do like the idea of taking a popular/catch statement and monetizing it, but im afraid she may be in for a disappointment with this one. We shall see!

  4. sunshine says:

    I saw that ep and that nene is too much! I am a little disappointed that she didn’t go in to see Jen. That was not a bestie move. And yes I know her shoe game would have been on fire!

    • yakini says:

      Sunshine, those were my thoughts. 🙁
      I suspect she didnt want to go in because she felt like there were too many people and it would become an “appearance” for which she wasnt being paid… only, it wasnt about her. smh. The night was about Jen, and her other girls were there to support her so a shame that Nene wasnt.

  5. YUMMommy says:

    Nene said during last year’s reunion show that the cameras amp up her. So, idk why ppl are shocked that she is milking her camera time. You gotta keep the show interesting or they can like Danielle from RHONJ. Plus, I think a lot of her loudness this season could be stemming from her on going divorce.

    To have your husband pretty much degrade you because he can’t handle no longer being the bread winner is very hard. I think her Wallace are up & she wants to come off as being hard and proving that can take care of herself minus Greg’s money. This t-shirt venture is going to be great for her.

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, it seems that if you arent loud or controversial or stand out in some other way on a reality show than it’s curtains for you (a la DaShawn Snow and Lisa Wu Hartwell, former RHOA castmates). So I definitely agree that you’ve gotta do the most to be successful on a reality show!

      And yeah, stress of all that she’s going thru really seems to be getting to her. I was glad Wendy Williams brought that up in their interview yesterday. That was a good interview, she always says/asks the right things. Love me some Wendy! Oh, but i digress…..

  6. I am happy that she is making money but she is so acting NEW money! You can tell money never touched her hands before. I don’t believe she is rich. I think Kandi is the only one that is Rich! I found out she was looking at some of the same houses we were looking at a while back. I can go all day…LOL I guess it’s because I live near all of them. Now I wouldn’t mind getting some of her checks but I still think she is far from RICH! #rant : )

    • yakini says:

      Hahaha! Love that you’ve got the inside, ATL scoop.
      Not sure if folks have read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad… but it sounds like, while Nene may indeed be “rich” (for now) she is far from “wealthy.” And wealth is what really counts. Im sure just like the rest of us, NeNe is about 4-5 paychecks away from being poor and/or homeless, in the event she ever loses her job and reality tv offers stop coming in. lol

  7. Nene aint sh*t…and neither is that T-shirt! *rolls eyes*

  8. yakini says:

    She works FAST too, lol!!!! I was like, dang – that quick?

    Then again, I guess the show was taped several months back and she’s probably had the shirts for a while but was waiting for the episode to air. lol

  9. Bika says:

    too funny! i’m not mad at her for capitalizing, either. everyone’s been quoting that this past week lol

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