Kimbella of “Love & Hip Hop” Has a Master’s Degree

Kimbella of “Love & Hip Hop” Has a Master’s Degree

The blonde bombshell made her reality TV debut last week on the season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop.”  If you watched the episode, well, you know it didn’t end too well for her.  And throughout the show, let’s just say her “brains” weren’t her most visible asset.

However I learned a valuable lesson in judging a book by it’s cover when I discovered that Lil’ Kim’s BFF and Juelz Santana’s kids’ mom, Kimbella Vanderhee , is one smart cookie.  In an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine following the show’s premiere, she revealed that she has a master’s degree, but chose the modeling route because she enjoys being in front of the camera [Ice Cream Conversations].  Here’s what Kimbella had to say in the article:

“I feel like a lot of people have a certain perception of me before they get to know me, and then they run off with that. They run off with, ‘Oh, she was a video model. There’s no way she could be a positive, insightful, educated woman.’

People don’t know me. I have an education. I have a master’s degree. I went to college. I worked in the pharmacy field before I got involved in modeling. I had a 9-to-5 while I was modeling. Like nobody knows my background.  I started off really young working. By the time I was 17, I got into the pharmacy field and I loved it. Before that I was also thinking about becoming a veterinarian… I’m very educated and I always wanted to do very well for myself.”

Well, I guess she told us! That’s what’s up. I love hearing things like that.

Meanwhile, the former video vixen is currently expanding her brand by working on a pop album [side-eye].  Oh, and she forgot to mention one more thing in her S2S interview: “I’m still pretty!”

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  1. Glamamom says:

    Yes, she is pretty. And I want her blue suede shoes.

  2. Fatimah says:

    She may very well have a Master’s Degree however………I’m going to need to see that paper too! I know plenty of people with high education and they still don’t know how to articulate themselves and or stay “hood”. Eitherway, she’s not a fav of mine on the show. Most people who have a Master’s degree will specify what it’s in. She just said I have a Master’s. What a Master’s and Johnsons……….LOL sorry I had to!

    • yakini says:

      lmaoo @ Master’s & Johnsons. Oh no!!!!
      Yeah, the fact that she remained so vague and mysterious about what her degree is in seems a tad weird. *shrug*

    • Clark says:

      LOL!! I was thinking the SAME THING! (1) She keeps saying “pharmacy field.” Honey, just because you worked the counter at Rite Aide or CVS does NOT place you in the field of pharmacy. (2) What University did you attend? Let me take that back, what University gave you a degree so I can write a letter requesting removal of their ranking. I mean really, this is the same woman that said “Cuz when I had finally got to METCH YOU” I know you all heard that. I was DONE.

      For those of us who worked our butts off to get those additional credentials behind our name STOP IT!

      • yakini says:

        lmaoo! Clark! How do you really feel about it???
        I do kinda of which she’d given a bit more info about her degree rather than being so general about it in the S2S article. That would have made her seem far more credible.

      • Jane says:

        Not to mention that you don’t need a degree to work as a pharmacist and it takes about a year or less to become one. You can enroll in the program at a community college and get your certification once it’s completed. i find it odd that she didn’t mention what her masters degree is in. Most people are proud of what they accomplished and like to specifically state what they graduated in. She doesn’t seem too satisfied, or proud. She also failed to mention what school. Hope she didn’t sleep with any of the professors. I wouldn’t put it past her, but I’d also like to believe she isn’t as lose as they made her seem on tv.

  3. K.Nicole says:

    I kind of want to see the degree because something isn’t adding up. She got into pharmacy at 17, how? I mean I worked at CVS during HS, too, but I don’t say I got into pharmacy. LOL!

    Was she a pharmaceutical sales rep with her Master’s; I mean that’s possible, but then why not just say that. And to be in the “Pharmacy field” as in an actual, Pharmacist, you need to have a PharmD (even at CVS)-unless she graduated before 1990. Color me not convinced!

    • Leslie J says:

      K.Nicole I totally agree 100% with you! I’m going to need to see some proof. You can say anything out of your mouth! She may be a really smart woman but she did not articulate herself well in the first episode at all.

      • yakini says:

        Right! I think that’s why most folks are skeptical about this Masters business. She really didnt present herself well at all. Maybe she was just nervous before the cameras, with her being new to reality TV…? *shrug* We shall see.

    • yakini says:

      lol, yeah, when i read that i raised an eyebrow too. “got into pharmacy at 17.” yeah, maybe she worked at a drug store which picqued her interest, and then led to her studying it in college….? the whole thing sounded pretty vague and unclear. i was definitely left curious about the exact nature of her degree.

  4. Style4Curves says:

    It always amazes me to see women judging other women by the way they dress or b/c they are a video vixen. Even tho I would never pursue that field I can say I work in corporate America and I see “hookery” going on all the time for job promotions, pay raises etc so to me there is no difference in a woman that appears to be a slut from an outside glance and an undercover slut. #ijs

    • yakini says:

      Good points, sis.

      Hmmm, I think most folks aren’t judging her based on her (former) career as a Video Vixen – lots of VVs and former VVs are quite intelligent and with a good head on their shoulders (ie, “SuperHead” comes to mind – she is one smart lady, and business-minded at that). I think folks are reacting to the way Kimbella presented herself, as there was a somewhat “ditzy” quality about her that didnt necessarily scream ‘I have a degree in higher ed.’ Judgmental? Sure, absolutely. But I also think folks are responding (on a more emotional/innate level), to her being “the other woman” while ole’ girl was pregnant. As women, it’s kind of hard to separate our personal feelings around something like that, so if it seems folks are being harsh toward her I suspect that may play a role, ya know?

      And yeah, i def agree re: your point about there being no difference between the two.

      • K.Nicole says:

        My reaction isn’t even based on her being the other woman, but on her “airheadness”. She could not even speak in a COMPLETE SENTENCE! LOL!

        I blame Fab for her being the other woman, not her. All the girls made it clear in Season 1, that a lot of ppl. didn’t know that Fab had a girl at all and that he didn’t acknowledge her either. I think that Kimbella should have told Emily in private & I don’t think that Jim Jones’ manager should have brought her in the first place, it was for Emily’s friends, not some chick she just met. Esp. with Kimbella telling the mgr the other day about the situation. She was set up, but she was also dumb enough to bring it out at the worst moment.

        • yakini says:

          Right! Ditto, ditto, & ditto!!! 1) Bad timing of her to bring it up then – that definitely should have been a one-on-one conversation and 2) Her manager was dead wrong for inviting a perfect stranger into what should have been an intimate, celebratory gathering of friends.

          Also, good point about Fab not being honest about his situation. It’s true that Kimbella may not have known anything at all, because he was just being a low-down, dirty….. smh

          *rubbing hands together* Oooh, cant wait for Episode 2!

  5. I guess anyone can get a Master’s these days, especially on-line. LOL

  6. A Masters in what? Hookery? *rolls eyes* Plenty of folks have MS degrees and no common-damn-sense. Prime example.

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