Ivanka Trump in Rachel Roy at NYC Cookie Exchange Charity Event

Ivanka Trump in Rachel Roy at NYC Cookie Exchange Charity Event

This evening real estate heiress, reality starlet, and new mom Ivanka Trump hosted a cookie exchange event at Trump Tower in Manhattan to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a non-profit that raises money for pediatric cancer research.  I caught up with Ivanka at the event to chat about giving back over the holidays, her fashion line, personal style, and life as a new mom.

I have a great deal of respect for Ivanka as she always seemed a bit, shall we say, “different” than her socialite contemporaries. I’m sure she had her share of fun in her 20’s but, while Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, and the like were frequently spotted out at clubs, drunken and wild, Ivanka was graduating summa cum laude from Wharton School of Business and preparing to step into her current role as Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at The Trump Organization.  Today the 30-year-old mom is one of the boardroom judges on NBC’s hit reality show “The Apprentice” and she also has her own clothing and jewelry line.  However, the achievement she is proudest of is the birth of her first child this past July.

At the event Ivanka was pretty and autumn-appropriate in the Fall 2011 Rachel Roy Tweed Shift Dress that she paired with a classic black turtleneck from the Ivanka Trump clothing line, styled with knee-high Abella Boots and jewelry also from her collection. Read on for our interview this afternoon.

Style Me Prissy: So I know that you’re a really busy woman, Ivanka!   Besides being your own business woman, you’re also VP for the family company.  And how did you end up partnering with GLAD to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

Ivanka: Well, I think it’s so important to give back.  And as a new mom, I’m deeply saddened by the high number of children diagnosed with cancer. So I’m excited to share some of my favorite cookie recipes and hopefully inspire people to get involved by transforming their holiday baking and supporting the efforts of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Style Me Prissy: That’s really wonderful, Ivanka. So with all that’s on your plate what’s it been like being a new mom?  How are you balancing it all?

Ivanka: First of all, nothing prepares you for just how amazing it is. In my wildest dreams I couldnt have imagined. With that said, nothing also prepares you for just how hectic, chaotic (laughs), fun, and tiring it is being the mom of an infant! So, you know, that’s the adjustment and I’m sort of recalibrating my life on many levels.

Style Me Prissy: I can’t believe you have a 4-month-old.  I mean, you look amazing.  She is 4-months, right?

Ivanka: Yes, she’s 4 months! Yeah!

Style Me Prissy: Arabella Rose – that’s beautiful, how did you and your husband come up with that name?

Ivanka: You know what, the name I’ve always loved. I love the name Isabella but I wanted sort of a… somewhat more rare name.

Style Me Prissy: So in addition to being known as a savvy business woman you’re also a fashionista.  Who are you wearing today?

Ivanka: I’m wearing Rachel Roy. And then I’m wearing Ivanka Trump turtle neck, Ivanka Trump boots, Ivanka Trump jewelry, and bag.

Style Me Prissy: The earrings are Ivanka as well?

Ivanka: They are!

Style Me Prissy: Ok, gorgeous!  And who are some of your favorite designers to wear and where do you love to shop?

Ivanka: I love the classic designers.  So I love Oscar de la Renta. I love Carolina Herrera. And then, in terms of where I like to shop… I actually don’t really shop! I do a lot of online shopping. I recently discovered the Outnet which I really like. I love a deal, you know? So that makes me feel good. And so I do a lot of internet shopping.

Style Me Prissy: Me too!  So where can we find your jewelry and clothing line? In stores….?

Ivanka: My jewelry- we just opened a boutique last week on Mercer Street here in NY. And then I sell jewelry to independent retailers across the country – luxury jewelers. My newest clothing collection is launching in the spring.  My shoes are sold in Nordstroms, Macys, Bloomingdales, and Zappos, same with my coats and handbags.

Style Me Prissy: Awesome! And finally, any upcoming projects we should be on the look out for? I love “Celebrity Apprentice” and I know that’s in the works – what else is happening?

Ivanka: We also have a lot of exciting real estate projects going on.  We’re opening a hotel in Toronto in January which is great. And then I’m launching my jewelry collection in the spring as well!

Style Me Prissy: That’s awesome!  Well congrats again on the baby.

Ivanka: Thank you! Nice talking to you!

As you can see, Ivanka is just as business savvy as she is pretty and fashionable!  For more information on how you can get involved with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer visit their website. The Glad Products Company has partnered with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to encourage consumers to host their own cookie exchanges and bake sales to benefit the nonprofit. For every cookie exchanged or sold at an official bake sale during the months of November and December, GLAD will make a donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, up to $100,000.

Click here for video of the interview:

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  1. Stylin_U says:

    Ivanka is one of my favorite celebs because she’s a fierce business woman that is truly classy.

  2. Great interview, Yakini! I would love to waer Oscar de la Renta. LOL. She seems like such a nice, sweet, focused person. I love that she’s WORKED for her place in the company and it wasn’t simply given to her. Ya know?

    • yakini says:

      Right! She’s not just a pretty face and empty head who got handed down the business on a silver platter. I respect the fact that she’s gone to school, got her degrees, and is so business savvy herself. But that’s always been clear to me when she presents in the board room on The Apprentice. I like her a lot!

  3. tami says:

    She is so pretty! I saw her at an event here in Atlanta, very nice lady!

  4. Glamamom says:

    I didn’t know you were going or I would have made an effort! UGH. Anyways, great interview. Yes, she totally seems like a nice girl and I’m happy she now has a lovely family. Hard to stay grounded in that world and it’s quite an achievement that she’s stayed so focused. Her jewelry line is gorgeous btw. Really unique stuff.

  5. Dr. Reginia says:

    Fantastic interview.


    I didn’t know she was so tall.

  6. I love the dress! It seems like it was a wonderful night!

  7. Whoa! This is awesome! Congrats and I love your shirt!

    • yakini says:

      Hi Deia! Thank you so much – it’s INC International Concepts. Easy breezey, because I had just come from work + it was raining cats & dogs outside and I needed something comfy and cozy.

  8. eboni says:

    I am OFFICIALLY jealous! I LOVE Ivanka! She seems so elegant and approachable!

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