Behind-the-Scenes of Tiny’s OMG Girlz “Gucci This, Gucci That” Video

Behind-the-Scenes of Tiny’s OMG Girlz “Gucci This, Gucci That” Video

Former Xscape member and reality star Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s teen girl group recently shot the video for their latest single “Gucci This, Gucci That.”  The singing/rapping/dancing group includes 16-year-old Breaunna “Baby Doll” W., 15-year-old Bahja “Beauty” Rodriguez, and Tiny’s 15-year-old daughter Zonnique “Star” Pullins (green hair).

There’s been criticism that the OMG Girlz’ image is a tad too “mature” and sexy for their age.  I have mixed feelings about this. Hmm, I tend to err on the side of conservative, but I think their look in this particular video is cute and pretty age-appropriate.  It looks more punk rock than anything. I don’t see any cleavage (check!) and, while makeup and hair are dramatic,I don’t think it’s too over the top.  If I were to change anything at all, I’d lose the mini-skirt on Zonnique… and the sheer black top with bra showing that the red-haired girl is rocking.

Now, my feelings about young girls singing about “Gucci” and things…? #NoMaam.  But such is the life of a celebrity kid, I suppose.

Photo Credit:  The YBF

7 Responses to Behind-the-Scenes of Tiny’s OMG Girlz “Gucci This, Gucci That” Video

  1. bri_colors says:

    I think Everything on them is way too much and tiny was fast back in her day but to be honest tiny is doing too much she coulda came up with diffrent clothes I dont think the group is going to last long tiny just put them out their I have nothing against them but I think they are being pimp out and shes taking haf of their money no one knows what goes on behind closed doors my dad is a rapper and he owns his own record label and I have my own girl group my hair is their color but its wayyy to much for them

  2. I think they look cute, but the lace top on that girl… too much for her age. And yeah, why are they singing about Gucci? “Because they can afford it and you can’t, Alicia.” Oh yeah, that’s right *answers own question*

  3. Caa says:

    I personally think my cousin Bahja (red hair) looks gorgeous! and my big sisters Babydoll and Star look fabulous.

  4. WAY too sexy. WAY TOO MUCH everything….

  5. Style4Curves says:

    I think this is wayyy too sexy for 15 and 16 year olds………..pretty soon leather leggings will come with carseats in this era :/

  6. Mrs. J says:

    Hmmm…I guess I see why Toya’s daughter is no longer in the group – because this is a little too mature, IMO! That see-thru lace top with those spray-on leggings and Nikki Minaj-esque look would not be popping off up over here…but, that’s just me! If I saw them out, I def wouldn’t think they were 15 or 16 nothing.

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