“A Day in the Life With Jennifer Williams” Video Premiere:

“A Day in the Life With Jennifer Williams” Video Premiere:

Indie film company Elephilms teamed up with “Basketball Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams and her management company WiteGold PR to produce this short film about what life is really like for the reality starlet.  I enjoyed the brief, candid peek into Jen’s life and think it’s a worthwhile watch if you’ve got the few minutes.

Source: Elephilms

Director: Davy Greenberg
Styling: Ryan Gola
Make Up: Kat DeJesus
Hair: Johhny B
Photographer: Nolis Anderson

6 Responses to “A Day in the Life With Jennifer Williams” Video Premiere:

  1. Tami says:

    I Met her here in Atlanta last year. So nice and beautiful in person! I love the video of her and her photoshoot!

  2. She really is one of my favorite “Basketball Wives.” And while I think mostly all reality shows are fluff, I agree with what she says — being on the show opens doors like never before. Doors that she would have had to knock on a few times before they opened, as she said. So in that sense, I think it was a smart career move. It’s kinda like starting a blog if you want to be a Writer or Editor. If you start to write about the field you’re interested in, then the opps follow. Blogging is a much smaller scale, of course. But the concept remains. Makes sense? (I tend to ramble at times.)

    • yakini says:

      Right – I agree. I think reality TV is a great foot in the door because it allows you to self-promote and be viewed by millions. Whether you have a new shoe line (Shaunie), lip gloss line (Jen), jewelry line (Malaysia), or aspire to be an actress on the silver screen (LaLa), it’s a great way to really put yourself out there and get known. So Jen (and the others) are smart for really milking the show for all that she/they can and really using it as a stepping stone. Smart girl!

      And I agree, blogging can do the same. Great way to put yourself out there and get some fantastic opportunities. Ive seen bloggers do SO much, and it’s beginning to look like the sky is the limit.

      • Sheena says:

        Y’all are SO right. Sometimes I get a little frustrated when I see ambassadors for brands/topics that I literally breathe… but I haven’t written about it so… my fault. *creates lists of blog topics*

        I am really loving this blog, Yakini!

        • yakini says:

          Sheena, I feel the SAME way. There are some ambassadorships that you admire, just because they seem cool/fun/interesting. Then there are others that seem like they were designed JUST for you… like, you could genuinely and authentically represent that brand, because you loved it even prior to the ambassador program, and would buy the product with your own money. A shame when those connections are not made!

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