Nicki Minaj for Cleo Magazine

Nicki Minaj for Cleo Magazine

Nicki Minaj, the self-proclaimed Female Weezy, covers the  November 2011 issue of  South African entertainment magazine Cleo rocking an interesting blue body con dress and matching turquoise wig [Celebrity Chatta].

Unrelated but related, did you see Nicki’s performance of “Make Me Proud” with Drake on SNL this past weekend? How cute was that little flirting thing they had going on at the end? Aww!

Photo Credit : Cleo Magazine South Africa

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  1. I really like Nicki in that color. And I’ve gotta check out that performance. Thanks for linking to it.

  2. OH! and my original thought: Nicki looks great! LOL I like the more polished look she has

  3. I def need to catch up on my SNL episodes..Im behind like a year. LMAO

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