Mya in LV23 for Birthday Celebration in Miami

Mya in LV23 for Birthday Celebration in Miami

This week singer/songwriter Mya Harrison celebrated her 32nd birthday at Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach.  After partying with family and friends she treated her guests to a musical performance. The celebration was hosted by Jannero Pargo of the Chicago Bulls and Desean Jackson of the Philladelphia Eagles.

Mya color-blocked in a $120 green and blue “Visibly Jess” dress by LV23, pink platform heels, and a $85 Strawberry Frosted Pretzel Necklace by FUSCHA.  The necklace is similar to the Onch Pretzel necklace we saw on Nicki Minaj at the Prabal Gurung Spring 2012 Show during New York Fashion Week; however, FUSCHA has been creating dessert jewelry since 2009, long before Onch Movement. The chain is available in silver, black and gold.

Photo Credit: Wenn

We haven’t heard much musically from Mya in a while – in fact, she hasn’t released anything since her K.I.S.S. album and “Earthquake.” However, per her Twitter, she’s been busy training for the North Shore Animal League‘s ING New York City Marathon, which she’ll be running in on Sunday, November 6.

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  1. Glamamom says:

    She’s a doll. We were once staying in the same hotel in LA and she was just lovely. No entourage, nothing.

    Awesome that she’s running the marathon! wow

  2. OMG! Mya… I totally forgot about her. I’ve liked her since her “I’ll Be Moving On” days (remember that song?). She looks so pretty in that color-blocked dress and I really like that side-sweep. That’s my third go-to hair style (after wearing it down and wearing it up in a ponytail).

    • yakini says:

      Yeah she looks amazing, with her cute lil self! I like the side-do as well. I shoudl have included a picture of the other side. Its in a loose braid. Super cute!

  3. SiBonita says:

    i’m a huuuuge stan for Mya! (a mixture of the dancing, being from MD, being adorable, etc.) she actually came out with an R&B mixtape “beauty and the streets” back in 2009. it was pretty good actually, but not sure if it got a lot of buzz.

    anyway, she looked super cute on her bday! i’ll be celebrating my bday in Miami this year as well 🙂

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, of course Mya has always reminded me of you, for all of those reasons. You guys are like the exact same person, even down to your petite little frames.
      Awww snaps! Miami, eh? Dont hurt em boo. Are you gonna be making a trip to Dulce? LOL!! (*pronounced the way Tammi pronounced it*)

      • SiBonita says:

        lolllll!!! and threaten to own it, and rename it “sibonita”? lmao! (now that you mention it, it would be pretty cool to drop by though, lol..)

        • yakini says:

          lmaooo!!!! that scene still goes down as one of my favorite in BBW history! I hope to meet Tammie one day. You cant help but love her. smh
          Yeah, you should definitely drop by and take a pic posing in front of the sign that says Dulce’s. lol

  4. Tami says:

    I was out with my friend Lisa Wu Hartwell at this Gay Pride event in Atlanta and Mya performed. It was about 2 months ago.Mya has since dropped some weight I see. She looks fab! Love her pink shoes!

    • yakini says:

      I love those shos as wel, with that gorgeous embellished heel. So purty!
      Yeah, she can get a little hippy sometimes. That is nice that she is looking slim and trim.

  5. Bika says:

    Cute! Not sure if it fits the season though, woulda been HOT for spring/summer. But hey, when it’s your birthday you’re allowed a pass to wear whatever you want!

  6. I am loving that dress.

  7. Mrs Pancakes says:

    Wow she looks amazing and makes 32 look soo good! That’s a gorgeous dress:-)

  8. osato says:

    Pretty.. nice colors

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