Miss Piggy as New Face of MAC Cosmetics

Miss Piggy as New Face of MAC Cosmetics

Actress, model, and iconic fashionista Miss Piggy is just racking up the beauty partnerships these days!  Aside from starring in an upcoming movie, guest judging for “Project Runway All Stars,” and collaborating with The Balm and OPI for their fall collections, she’ll be the face of MAC cosmetics come November [Racked].

I love these photos of guest of honor, Miss Piggy, at Opening Ceremony’s Funtastic Fashion’s Night Out Carnival. I would wear her entire ensemble! I am excited to see the promo photos from her new MAC campaign – those should definitely be fun.

Photo Credit: Racked

9 Responses to Miss Piggy as New Face of MAC Cosmetics

  1. What a fashionista! I would totally rock the life out of those shoes!

  2. Tami says:

    Im a fan of Miss Piggy! Im about to fall out! Are those loubis on her feet? Faints lol

  3. No you didnt say “actress, model and fashion icon”..that thang is inanimate. LMAO!!!! Wait…does she have on some LouBou’s…you better WORK , Piggy!

  4. inga says:

    Are those Louboutins Miss Piggy is wearing? Love it! lol

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