Malaysia Pargo’s Three (3) Beats Jewelry Line to Launch 11.11.11

Malaysia Pargo’s Three (3) Beats Jewelry Line to Launch 11.11.11

UPDATE: Read Part I and Part II of my Three Beats Jewelry Launch Event Recap!

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Three Beats Jewelry is the custom children’s jewelry line designed by “Basketball Wives L.A.” co-star, mom, and fashion executive Malaysia Pargo. We’ve discussed the jewelry line on Style Me Prissy and, throughout this season of the show, we’ve seen Malaysia working closely with Jason Arasheben aka ”Jason the Jeweler” of Beverly Hills (pictured below) to go over plans for her collection, which will feature diamond-accented pieces for both boys and girls.

In Episode 9 of “Basketball Wives L.A.” Malaysia showed her jewelry at a private viewing party that took place at L.A. Market Restaurant in downtown L.A.  In the episode, Malaysia appeared deeply moved by the very positive reaction she received from guests at the party and she has since announced that the jewelry line, named after the heartbeats of her three children, will officially launch November 11, 2011.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Watts Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles.

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I think the idea of a jewelry line just for children is super cute and fun, and I personally can’t wait to cop that strawberry pendant necklace for myself – err umm, I mean for my kids – once it becomes available.

Malaysia, you look amazing in that leather strapless mini-dress and cobalt blue blazer, and much success to you with the launch of Three Beats!

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  1. I’m totally feeling that cobalt blue blazer too! I’ve got to get me one! LOL. Now, about the line… I love the idea about a jewelry line for children, but don’t think I’d actually buy expensive jewelry for my kids. But, for me? Ummm… yes ma’am!

    • yakini says:

      Ditto. Not for my boys at this age anyway. If I had pre-teen girls I would probably invest in a piece or two. Nice way to teach them responsiblity and to start taking care of their things. My mom gave us each our birthstone (real gems) at age 16, and that was my first “fine” jewelry. I still have it today. So yeah, maybe starting at like 13 I’d buy “nice” jewelry for a kid.

      But for a toddler girl, possibly something from Garcelle Beauvais’ line. Her stuff is cute and seems much lower-end (except her couture line).

  2. Myjojosxm says:

    I’ve fell in love with Malaysia’s style! so classy…
    I live in SInt Maarten, I hope we’ll be able those goodies shipped?!

    And thanks so much for keeping us girls updated with the ” For less ” style…

    Email me on my box, i’d love to keep in touch…

    • yakini says:

      Hey girl! I love her style as well – super cute.
      I’m almost certain she’ll be offering international shipping, but of course I’ll update the blog with that info when I find out.
      Thank you so much for reading from Saint Maarten!! 😀

  3. Mrs. J says:


    …a coworker and I were discussing this and realized they mentioned it in an earlier episode…all the pieces will range around $500 to $3,000 – or at least that’s what she & Jason the Jeweler said!

    • yakini says:

      Hey Mrs. J!
      Yes, I remember the episode where Jason had mentioned the price-point might be somewhere along those lines. But I was reluctant to include that in this post because it sounded like this was just speculation (on his part) and that definitive prices hadn’t been set. Those prices seem a bit steep for a kids’ jewelry line (unless Malaysia is expecting that the majority of her clientele will be in the entertainment industry, like herself and her husband). So I was waiting for “official” prices before I include that info, as those numbers are a bit off-putting, imo.

  4. Bika says:

    i thought her pieces were super cute and fun! but still a very classy look. good for her! i’m sure they cost an arm and a leg, but maybe one day for me…

  5. For my kids! Little B and C are NOT about to rock no strawberry necklaces! LMAO! Those are for the girl you are about to have NEXT 🙂

    • yakini says:

      lol, yeah, i’m gonna need to see the boys’ jewelry… because these pieces are looking very pretty and girly, and i can’t see either of the boys in these. i can see ME in them though. lol

  6. Earthangel172 says:

    Just in time for the holidays….Woo Hoo!

    When I first saw that strawberry necklace, I was in love! I’m not shame to say I want it for myself…LOL

    I think the jewelry line is fab for older children. My daughter is 11 and I wouldn’t mind getting her a couple of pieces.

    • yakini says:

      I agree! I could totally see the line being perfect for a pre-teen, and it being her first “real” jewelry, as she’s learning to become a responsible young lady and take care of her things, ec.

      • LadyBugKai says:

        I absolutely love, love, love the line. So precious. So classy. I’ve loved and collected jewelry since I was a kid and this was brilliant of Malaysia. She is a class act!

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