Malaysia Pargo in Pink ‘Lickable’ Lipstick by MAC on “Basketball Wives L.A.”

Malaysia Pargo in Pink ‘Lickable’ Lipstick by MAC on “Basketball Wives L.A.”

In addition to that dope tribal print tux jacket, in Episode 5 of “Basketball Wives L.A.” Malaysia Pargo also rocked a bright pink lipstick that had beauty mavens swooning.  I’ve mentioned before that I love a brown girl who isn’t afraid to experiment with a little color and she’s no exception.

Just as I started to contact Malaysia to find out the deets, she tweeted out to her followers that she was wearing MAC Lickable Lipstick.  I guess I’m not the only one who took notice of that gorgeous pop of pink!

Girlfriend’s face is beat!

Malaysia, I’m going to need the name and number of your makeup artist asap. She did that! Please and thank you! 😉


16 Responses to Malaysia Pargo in Pink ‘Lickable’ Lipstick by MAC on “Basketball Wives L.A.”

  1. I LOVE it on her! It’s the perfect amount of “pop” and her face looks gorgeous.

  2. Nika says:

    very pretty, I wonder if she’s wearing a gloss over it

    • yakini says:

      Hmmmm, good question. But i know one of the strong selling points of Lucid Lip Gloss is that it’s supposed to be super shiny and glossy. So I would guess that there’s no top coat of gloss….

  3. Tami says:

    Her makeup is too cute!

  4. sunshine says:

    wow…that pink really looks great on her.

  5. TBEEEZEY says:

    It looks a lot like MAC’s Insanely It lipstick too. That’s the one I wear and I’m her complexion. I only wear MAC lipsticks but my problem is that their pinks are all way too similar. Like Girl About Town will achieve that same look even though it’s slightly darker. Anyway, let me stop rambling LOL!

  6. Lauryn Doll says:

    Yes that looks awesome on her!

  7. Oh yeah..that is a nice hot pink shade! 🙂

  8. Loveli says:

    It’s absolutely stunning on her. Thanks for posting, because I too noticed how striking this look was on her when I saw that episode!!!

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