Jazz for Factice Magazine

Jazz for Factice Magazine

Though fall is well upon us I was struck by the “My Summer So Far” fashion spread for Factice Magazine Issue 3, featuring Jazz of Izaio Models. So playful and free! I just love Jazz’s big hair and that pop of coral on her lip. I hope we see more of her on next season’s Fall 2012 runways.

Thanks to Factice Magazine for sending over these gorgeous images.

Photo Credit: Factice Magazine

Photographer : Christopher Klutsch
Hair & Makeup : Anna Marina Furh
Models : Jazz  & Mona of Izaio Modeling Agency

8 Responses to Jazz for Factice Magazine

  1. Mrs Pancakes says:

    Lovely pictures indeed! I love the orange top!

  2. I AM LOVING her overall look..and the big hair…etc. (OH..and I am digging your new banner!)

  3. What a beauty! Love her hair!

  4. These are really sexy photos. That first pic — love the way the vertical stripes flow into the horizontal ones so that they can highlight her best assets.

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, they are sexy. Funny, in other countries they can take certain risks that we wouldnt necessarily in the US for a major magazine, even in the name of art.

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