Dolce & Gabbana Star Print Look for Less

Dolce & Gabbana Star Print Look for Less

These days all the celebs are seeing stars – the Dolce & Gabbana star print that is.  First seen on the Fall 2011 runway it’s since been all over the red carpet, splashed on everything from maxi dresses to leggings.  What I like most about the pattern is its versatility – depending on how you style it (i.e., shoes and accessories) you can take the look anywhere from rocker chic to super glam.

The only problem I have with the trend is that it’s just that… so  trendy. Will anyone be wearing stars next year… or next season?  Maybe not. It’s a super cute and eye-catching look TODAY but, truth be told, I wouldn’t pay $2200 for a star print mini-dress that won’t be in style next year. #NOMAAM

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to enjoy the look while it’s hot. I started bargain shopping around at a couple of places  (i.e., thrifting, ebay) and put together a few looks inspired by the Italian fashion house’s Fall 2011 star print.  Let’s take a look at my finds!

Outfit #1:

This velvet, star print tunic was listed on eBay as a top, but I threw caution to the wind and rocked it as a mini-dress! I paired the dress with my Giuseppe Zanotti-inspired Lola suede wedges in red (Wild Pair/Bakers – last spotted on Christina Milian here) and styled the look with a red clutch (thrifted) and my signature loose waves. I love the soft, stretchy fabric of the dress and the delicate lace detailing along the wrists and hem. Girls, this dress was an eBay STEAL at $14.23 (shipping included). The Hong Kong seller still has 7 remaining, so buy now while the getting is good!

Outfit #2:

My next look was inspired by the Fall 2011 RTW sheer star print yellow gown. Kim Kardashian donned the silk chiffon frock while doing a magazine photo shoot in Malibu and I really liked the free and billowy feel of the dress.  I also loved the ultra feminine front ribbon tie.

When I found a star print vintage tea dress on eBay (GBP 24.99) my heart went pitter-patter! I really like the pussy bow detailing with button down bodice and ruffled, barely there cap sleeves.  So dainty and pretty!  I added pops of color with suede mustard heels (thrifted) and accessories that consisted of a skinny belt, slim clutch, and scarf (all from Target).  The day I took photos there happened to be a gorgeous fall breeze blowing that was perfect as I was able to stay true to the flowy, airy feel that this outfit inspired in me.

Outfit #3:

Solange Knowles attended the Net-a-Porter/Dolce & Gabbana party in London wearing the designer’s star print leggings with a crisp white blouse, black blazer, and black patent pumps.  She styled the look with her signature red lip and box braids circa Janet Jackson in “Poetic Justice.”  I really liked the way Solange embraced this trend – the leggings are so fun and hip, and I definitely wanted to give the look a try.

I lucked up and found a pair of star-print leggings in my size on eBay for $11.99. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a bit more sheer in person than they appeared online!  When I tried on the leggings in the mirror I noticed the material was on the thin side and, once in the daylight and with the flash of the camera – #FAIL!  Needless to say, the leggings are fab but likely should be worn under a mini skirt or with a longer, tunic style shirt.  Still cute though, yes?

So what do we think about my Dolce & Gabbana star print looks for less?

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  1. Marqui_Puerto_Rican says:

    Girl I just found this site and I am in love. You are working it out like there is no tommorrow. Love it!

  2. Shanda says:

    All of these looks are Awesome!! You’re super cute in the last look with the star, sheer leggings!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Just bought the coffee-colored version of the velvet, star print tunic you’re rocking in Outfit #1 (Black was sold out but Im totally excited about the brown). I’m not sure as to what color shoes & clutch I should pair with it. Red doesnt seem to fit with brown :/

    • yakini says:

      Yaaaaaayy!!!!! Super cute. Hmmm, i guess it depends on what color the stars on…. cream? Maybe a nude shoe? I think you’ll have to wait for it to arrive to see what looks good. Did u contact the seller directly to inquire about when they will get more black dresses in stock, or are u cool with brown? Tweet or FB me pics when it comes!

  4. Niqua says:

    Ha! I love the looks! You are such a savvy shopper.

    I especially looove the dress with the neck tie. Super cute. I am surprised that you actually posted the pics with the leggins. Riske’e…considering how sheer they we’re but you pulled it off tastefully *thumbs up*.s

    Sheesh this was a “giveaway” post beauty secrets exposed ie: where? and how much? *lol*

    As always…luv it!

    • yakini says:

      LOL, i know – those jokers are practically see thru. Ehh well. I figured folks should see what they “really” look like before placing their own order!

  5. osato says:

    wow! I don’t know how I missed this but then again this was when I was on vacation…you look great with all those looks. I love your personal style post
    xo Dior

    • yakini says:

      Aww, i know you do, sis! lol. Everytime i do one i think of you, cuz you had requested that i do them more often. 🙂 So much more work than a regular post (lol), but i enjoy doing them for sure!

  6. You look soooo cute! U pulled all of these looks off very well.I mean totally nailed them! You need your own “The Look for Less” show, lol!

  7. Yakini… you are THE ultimate all-star here! I love all these looks on you! And you paired them so well. The pop of red is perfection with that mini dress (btw… I’m heading over to ebay to see if I can score me one), the pop of yellow is nice and feminine with the second dress, and the leggings are all kinds of sexy. Loves it!

    BTW… Your photographer is on spot!

  8. Glamamom says:

    WOW! I cannot believe you pulled all these looks yourself. I thought they were the actual D&G pieces until I read your intro. Of course you look FABULOUS! Bravo darling.

  9. Tami says:

    Your hair looks super cute up! OMG you have the prettiest face go girl! The star leggings are a bit sheer for me but they look super cute on you! I love those red wedge shoes too omg!

    • yakini says:

      Thank you Tami! Girl, those sheer leggings were something else. smh. I felt like i was practically naked (lol).
      Funny, i kinda liked my hair up like that too – i gotta do that more often! 😀

  10. I’m seeing stars! And you are the biggest one of all–a fashion star! Love the leggings. Thanks so much for joining the Monday Mingle.

    • yakini says:

      LOL, thank you Nicole!!! So sweet! (((hugs))) I’m loving the Monday Mingle! You gals are doing such a fantastic job with that – can’t believe how huge its grown in such a short time. Kudos to you!!!

  11. Bika says:

    these pics came out fab! and so happy iiiii got to keep all the pieces! i tried on the first minidress and it fits really cute! can’t wait to wear it with my royal blue pumps.

    i’m excited to wear the leggings, too! i think i will wear them over my plain black leggings so it won’t be sheer, plus it will be warmer.

    • yakini says:

      Omg, i cant wait to see pics of them on you! And i think thats a great idea about wearing an opague legging underneath. That way, you still get the cute star effect but dont look like a whore walking down the street (LOL).

  12. You are a bombshell! You did a great job recreating the looks. That last one is a little risky but your booty looks cute : )

  13. Tiffany Johnson says:

    I absolutely LOVE these looks for less! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  14. Shantel says:

    Yakini you are slaying the scene!!!!! Werk!!! Omg you look so amazing, especially with the first dress and the red wedges.

  15. I love your take on all the looks! You are so fashionable my friend! 🙂 Fashionable and gorgeous!

  16. Oh I love ALL of these looks! I esp love the mini dress and red wedges! You are always finding steals at the thrift store! I’m just going to send u some cash and find my size shoe for me. LOL

    • yakini says:

      LOL!!! Girl, there is one particular thrift store by my job that stays having dope shoes!!! When you come back to NYC to visit we are taking a trip there!

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