Beyonce’s Fashion Breakdown in “Countdown” Video

Beyonce’s Fashion Breakdown in “Countdown” Video

Beyonce’s “Countdown” video is generating all sorts of buzz, and it’s no wonder! Hair and makeup are gorgeous, she’s happy and glowing, and she’s channeling all sorts of 60’s pop art and classic fashion film icons and references we love, including Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face,” “Flashdance,” “Fame,” “Dreamgirls,” “West Side Story,” “A Chorus Line,” and more. It’s such a fun video!  MTV Style has given us the fashion breakdown on Bey’s (very affordable) different looks throughout the video.

Look 1: Beyonce is in a black and white cut out Thierry Mugler dress with short bowl haircut

Look 2: Bey rocks the primary color leotard Capezio collection paired with her black and white striped Karen Keith for Patricia Field sun hat.

Look 3: Beyonce wears a pretty, sheer American Apparel over-sized button up shirt with stilettos

Look 4: Again, Beyonce is in a sheer American Apparel pastel button up shirt paired with a tied headkerchief and loafers

Look 5: Bey’s look in this scene is reminiscient of the classic dance film “Flashdance” with an off-the-shoulder Forever 21 tee, exposed lilac bra strap, and blunt bangs.

Look 6: Beyonce pays homage to her role in the musical “Dream Girls” with a jeweled Chan Luu mini dress, glam makeup, and a flipped bob.

Look 7: Beyonce finished the video in a sleek tank, shorts, suspenders, and white socks with pumps. The entire black and white striped outfit is by American Apparel.

Photo Credit: Columbia Records

Haven’t seen the entire video yet? Check it out below:

14 Responses to Beyonce’s Fashion Breakdown in “Countdown” Video

  1. I just love watching her growth through the years. I really love her style and spirit.

  2. This is so much FUN! I love all these looks, but I really, REALLY love that they are all so affordable. She brought it back a little more down to earth, and I LOVE that.

  3. YUMMommy says:

    Awesome video. Love how she kept it simple yet fun.

  4. You know I love this! It’s like she can not be human, she looks too good!

  5. She makes making a video look uber fun!

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