Tatyana Ali in AIISHA Couture at “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Premiere Party

Tatyana Ali in AIISHA Couture at “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Premiere Party

32 year old actress/singer Tatyana Ali attended the premiere of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Season 9 at Vibiana in Los Angeles, California. She was feminine and chic in a green peplum dress with sparkling cap sleeves by AIISHA.  She finished the look with black peep toe heels, a metallic red clutch with matching finger and toe nails, and a bright red lip.

Photo Credit: Zimbio

I just love a brown girl who isn’t afraid of a little color.  I wish the dress was a little more fitted along the bodice and waist, but mint green is a difficult color to pull off and she does it well, so two snaps for that girlfriend!

Life has been good for our girl Tatyana.  She tweeted to her followers this week: “It’s official!!!  An all new season of LOVE THAT GIRL airs Monday, October 17th, only on TV ONE. Be sure to mark your calendars!!!”  I was glad to hear that because, truthfully, I thought I was the only one watching that silly show.

She’s such a doll to me – I’ve been a fan of Tatyana since her “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Days” and always look forward to seeing her on the small screen.  In my head, we’d totally be friends.  Like it isn’t enough that we’re the exact same age (her birthday is 3 months before mine) and both “prissy girls,” I learned recently that she has a doll collection just as I do.  Her gorgeous collection is featured in the October edition of Ebony Magazine. AMAZE! She’s one gal I’d love to chat with on the red carpet – hope that opportunity comes along soon.

Photo Credit: Ebony Magazine

“Extreme Makeover” isn’t set to premiere until October on ABC, but the party was filled with sponsors and celebrities who watched the show’s premiere episode featuring Rihanna.

20 Responses to Tatyana Ali in AIISHA Couture at “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Premiere Party

  1. Bika says:

    lol @ a close friend telling her the honest truth about the fit…agreed! as soon as i looked at the dress, i noticed it was a little ill-fitting, although cute!

    i never watched her show. i should catch it this season. y’all know she’s always been my twin >:0 lol

    • yakini says:

      I know, i always think of you when i think of tatyana! LOL. You should watch it, its really cute. (Now that i think about, i better set my tivo now before i miss it. i always get excited about shows, then forget to start watching).

  2. TBEEEZEY says:

    she looks fab! i would prefer an up-do with this look but she killed it none the less. LOVE!

  3. Shelly says:

    She is so lovely…all grown up and stuff! 😉

  4. Gosia says:

    I believe her dress is by AIISHA, and its a beautiful design, but a bit loose for her.

  5. I’m with you, Yakini. I’ve always loved her since “Fresh Prince” days and I enjoy seeing her on the small screen too. I LOVE the color of that dress, but the fit, eh, not so much for her.

  6. Nope..I watch the show too! She’s my “namesake” I love her..she’s gorgeous and brown (I just wish she’d date other BROWN dudes. LOL. Have you seen her new dude? UGH..mess…) and thanks for reminding me of the show! Gotta set the DVR for so MUCH! (LOL)

  7. SiBonita says:

    lol i thought i was the only person watching that show, too!! it isn’t the best, but hey, i love me some tatyana and wanted to support, so i sucked it up and watched. (not to mention the dude who plays her brother is hee-larious lol)

    anyway, she looks gorgeous and has not aged a BIT. and i never knew the birthday/doll collection connection haha..so cute! i see it in the stars–you getting the opportunity to interview her…you just have to believe it!

    • yakini says:

      Lmaoo, omg, i know – the brother is SO funny. i like that dude a lot.
      i know, she looks really gorgeous and youthful. time has been good to her! i am gonna try and make that interview happen. one of my 2012 social media goals!

  8. Glamamom says:

    Love the mint color, don’t love the shape or fit on her. She’s such a cute girl

  9. Mrs Pancakes says:

    An interview with T would be amazing. She looks gorgeous as usual!

  10. Shey says:

    Not sure if i like the dress design but love the color.

    • yakini says:

      I only wish it fit a little better. Shame on her for not getting it tailored to a TEE before rocking this bold look on the red carpet.
      i agree… the color really pops on her!

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