Malaysia Pargo of “Basketball Wives L.A.” to Launch Three (3) Beats Jewelry Line for Kids

Malaysia Pargo of “Basketball Wives L.A.” to Launch Three (3) Beats Jewelry Line for Kids

UPDATE: Read Part I and Part II of my Three Beats Jewelry Launch Event Recap!

“Basketball Wives L.A.” premiered this past Monday and it was pretty entertaining, to say the least.  Though the season is still new, I’ve already got my eye on a few of the gals whose fashion sense I was feeling.  One of my favs is Malaysia Pargo, wife of Chicago’s Jannero Pargo.  Although a few of the wives had an immediate dislike for Malaysia, possibly due to her love of designer labels, so called “bourgie” attitude, and outspoken loyalty for her hometown, I must admit I was drawn to her character.  She seems to have a penchant for fashion and I enjoyed her style game on Episode 1.

When Malaysia mentioned that she had plans to launch a jewelry line for children I was especially intrigued.  The jewelry line will be called “3 Beats” after the three heartbeats of her kids.  She shared that she wants her children to know that “…mommy does something besides wash your butts and clean up after daddy.”  She’s been meeting with Jason Arasheben aka “Jason the Jeweler” of Beverly Hills to go over plans for this new line.  Her collection will include pieces for both boys and girls and, according to Malaysia, the pieces won’t be “that expensive.”  They’ll be priced in the middle range, and some pieces will have diamonds. Hmmmm. This seems an ambitious goal and I couldn’t help but wonder about her background in jewelry design. I decided to take a look at Malaysia’s own jewelry style to get a sense of what we might expect from the line.

From the look of things Malaysia seems to enjoy big, bold statement pieces, chunky, over-sized necklaces and bracelets, and layering two and three pieces together. She is a lady who obviously loves her jewelry as much as her clothes, and I for one am eager to see samples from the collection. I have a feeling we may not have to wait too long, as the “Basketball Wives” platform seems the perfect way to self-promote and really get your name out there.  The Three Beats Jewelry line is set for a November launch, and here is a sneak peak of a piece from the line:

Check out this video of Malaysia chatting with “Jason the Jeweler” at the JBH showroom.



14 Responses to Malaysia Pargo of “Basketball Wives L.A.” to Launch Three (3) Beats Jewelry Line for Kids

  1. Moe says:

    I can’t wait for it to launch. The pieces looked really nice.

    I actually took a class with her in high school during summer school, and I remember her being just how she is on the show – Sweet & soft spoken. It’s great to see pople that you have crossed paths with at some point doing well.

  2. hello my name is taheera and i am interest in 3 beats jewelry line i wanted to no if there is a web site or something were i can make a purchase

  3. ReeRee says:

    I have to say I am really starting to hate the show, but Laysia, you are the one of the realest on that show and as soon as I saw that jewelry on this episode, I immediately searched the web. That bracelet was beautiful. I would love for you to open that up for an adult line. Keep doing what you are doing and stay away from the drama, those ladies bring your way, BTW, look out for Draya, she needs true guidance not that the fakeness. She’s young take her under your wing, everyone needs a friend in their corner.

    • yakini says:

      Ugh, Jackie was a mess last night. I really dont like how she is trying to manipulate the girls.
      Im with you on this…. I watch the show primarily to check out Malaysia’s style game.

  4. SiBonita says:

    i like Malaysia, too! she’s gorgeous, and i agree that the shade she received was unwarranted and random. at first i rolled my eyes when she discussed having a jewelry line, but then i realized i can’t even hate on these women for trying to capitalize on their moments of fame to make some money. so long as they’re not promoting anything negative (e.g., “non-M’fn factor” tee-shirts, lmao), i don’t see anything wrong with supporting.

    • yakini says:

      lol, yeah, if you get selected to be on BBW you better milk your 15 minutes and promote whatever you can, be it lipgloss, your shoe line, etc. That’s your time to shine!
      And ITA – totally unnecessary shade.

  5. Earthangel172 says:

    I like Malaysia. I think she is fashionable and prissy, with a twist of hood, which I like. The other girls were throwing shade from the get go and I’m certain its because Malaysia is the center of attention although she’s not trying to be. In my experience, women who are not the center of attention but want to be, often tend to cause drama with other women. Oh did I mention that I can’t stand Ron Artest’s wife? Ugh! The only nice thing I have to say about Jason Williams’ ex-wife is “Tacky be thy name!”

    • yakini says:

      “I think she is fashionable and prissy, with a twist of hood, which I like.” Yess!!! Love how you summed her up. That’s why I like her too.

      It’s funny, I watched the episode over and I don’t think she really said/did anything that warranted their immediete dislike. It was almost like, they had decided from the get-go that she thought she was better than them, and thus she got snubbed. I almost wonder if she wouldn’t fit in better in the Miami BBW circle, since those ladies are also a bit younger than most of the L.A. circle, and they are into fashion/designer labels/etc, also like Malaysia.

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