Kardashian Kollection for Sears Review

Kardashian Kollection for Sears Review

With the whirlwind of Mercedez-Benz NY Fashion Week behind us I finally have time to share my thoughts on the Kardashian Kollection for Sears.  You may recall that I really liked the collection after promo photos from the line were unveiled back in August.  But of course, we all know that clothes can present well in photographs (especially after they’ve been touched up to death) so I was eager to visit Sears and check out the line for myself.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you’ve seen me highlight select pieces over the last couple weeks. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the collection. There were some pieces that really worked for me, and a couple others were a hot mess on me.  The issue was never quality – it essentially came down to body type and what was flattering for my figure.  Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Kardashian Kollection Womens Peak Shoulder Blazer

I loved this look on Kourtney as well as Kim Kardashian. I decided to experiment with the versatility of the piece by dressing it both up and down. So at the Qream Liqueur & Glam Pampering Event I paired the blazer with black skinny jeans, a red camisole, and strappy heels.

A few weeks prior to that I was invited to the Elle offices on business. I was going for a business-glam look and thought it’d be perfect to debut the blazer here, as I really wanted a strong and confident silhouette that was also feminine. I styled the blazer with a blush pink pencil skirt and silk top from Bebe (pardon the wrinkles – I was sitting most of the afternoon) and completed the look with Nine West nude pumps.  I really like the powerful, tailored fit of the outfit.

My thoughts on the blazer?  The fabrication of this blazer is such that it’s hard to believe it’s from a notoriously “cheap” store. The quality is equivalent to higher-end blazers I own from the likes of Ann Taylor, DKNY, and Tahari. Also, layers of the suit have been canvassed (stitched), rather than fused (glued together), which typically is a sign of a good suit.  In terms of versatility, I really like that this blazer can be worn casually and also dressed up for a more conservative look (it comes in black as well).  Style-wise, I’m in love with the dramatic, exaggerated shoulders without the use of huge, stiff shoulder pads. I think it’s hip, edgy, with a funky 80’s glam look.

I do want to mention that this blazer is cut small. I usually have a little space in a medium, and this fits me snugly. I don’t feel like I have the flexibility and reach in the arm area I would like to have without feeling slightly constricted. Also, the waist doesn’t fit as nicely as I’d like but could be tailored for a nicer fit. I did try on a size large, just to be safe, and it jumped in size and was huge and ill-fitting on me.

2) Kardashian Kollection Tattoo Print Dress

I enjoyed wearing this dress to a Fashion’s Night Out event in the city and felt glamorous and rocker-chic all evening.  The sexy split neckline, short length, and edginess of the front tatoo print was a divergence from my usual, more conservative style, and that was fun for me.  I styled the dress with green ankle wrap sandals by Rouge and a Stella & Dot Panther Pendant Necklace.

In terms of the fit, there was something a little awkward going on with the fit of the chest and shoulder areas. It felt stiff and a little big, and I had to adjust it a bit in order that it fit comfortably on me.  It seems that the top was just a little large on me. However, I didn’t want to go with a size smaller because that would have been ridiculously tight on my hips (you know how that is, girls – smaller on top, larger on the bottom – the story of my life). Anyhoo, once properly adjusted, the dress felt fine and I enjoyed the way it contoured my figure.  I received several compliments that evening.

3) Kardashian Kollection Jersey Wrap Top Jumper

It was a close decision, but this piece is my favorite in the collection.  The silky fabric of the jumpsuit fell really nicely on my body, and the cinching at the waist figure-flattering.  I wore the jumpsuit to a dinner party with Glam Media at Barney’s in NYC, and it was the perfect choice for an evening of quiet sophistication.  I think folks appreciated the pop of blue in my ankle tie sandals by Bronx and red clutch, along with the waist belt from Mandee, and black and silver accessories.  I finished the outfit with my Andrew Hamilton Crawford Red Sole High Heel Shoe Necklace, which also proved to be a hit as people were asking me all evening where I’d found the unique piece.

I found the jumpsuit very slimming, and it also seemed to elongate my legs. I also like that the jumpsuit has pockets – that feature was a nice surprise! However, as most wrap tops tend to do, the bodice did gap open on me – potentially revealing my bra and chest in an unflattering way.  Of course, that’s a common problem for me with my figure – I’ve got to find outfits that fit both the top and bottom, and sometimes I have to compromise a perfect fit in the top.  That was part of my decision to wear the wide belt, as I was easily able to tuck extra fabric into the belt to tighten the fit of the top. After I had doctored it up to my liking the fit of the jumpsuit was amazing.  I like that this jumpsuit comes in leopard animal print as well – really sexy!


Admittedly I was leery about this collection because, although the outfits looked nice on the Kardashian sisters’, I’ve never been impressed with the quality of fabric or design at Sears.  I assumed the material would be thin, flimsy, and cheap to the touch and feel – and this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I also blanched at the initial price tag of $99. Although I believe that the quality of the pieces is worth that, I don’t think it’s a fair price point for Sears. However, after it’s initial debut week, items from the Kardashian Kollection were marked down by 30%, making each piece roughly around $70, which is far more realistic.

In terms of the pieces that were a major #FAIL for me, namely the Zebra-one Shoulder and Jersey Dress, I want to emphasize that it wasn’t the quality that was lacking.  The body-con dresses simply didn’t do anything for my figure. They looked nice on the Kardashian sisters, and even cute on the hanger… but I cringed when I looked at myself in the photos! Cringed!!! If your figure is similar to mine and you’re on the fence about purchasing either of those dresses and would like to see those photos, just shoot me an email (using the contact form) and I’ll gladly share.

Well what can I say – their collabo with the Kardashian sisters may have just put Sears back on the fashion map. Really great choice, Sears!

What are your thoughts on the pieces I’ve showcased?

Disclaimer: I bought these clothes myself, and all thoughts/opinions are entirely my own.

39 Responses to Kardashian Kollection for Sears Review

  1. melissa says:

    I was just wondering… is the size chart on sears accurate for these dresses? Because i’m thinking of buying a dress from the collection and an ebay seller lists different measurements than those on sears? thanks

  2. Susan says:

    I have purchased 2 lace blouses 1 cream and 1 black they were $80 a blouse and I have to say they are beautiful but they look old after wearing them 3 times. THey pil alot and I am unhappy because they will not last for many wears.

  3. leslie says:

    you rocked the pieces perfectly!
    I too am in love with the collection and how it portrays the looks of Kourt, Kim and Khloe individually. and can’t wait to shop the upcoming collection!

    • leslie says:

      Also, i’m planning to get the jumpsuit but i’m not sure of the sizing as i’m making an online purchase.
      I am usually an M.
      what do you think?
      I don’t want it drooping on me but not too tight at the same time. 🙂

      • yakini says:

        Leslie, I am a medium as well (size 6 on top, 8 on bottom) and found that the jumper ran pretty true to size. I did find that the top of the jumpsuit gaped open on me, which is why I wore a stretchy wide belt, as it not only cinched the waist in nicely but also allowed me to tuck in extra material. But I tried on the Small as well and found that the top gaped open with that one too, so it’s more the cut of the outfit.

        • leslie says:

          thanks so much! I’m actually like a size 8 on top as im pretty busty but im only like a size 2-4 on bottom. Hopefully it fits well on me.
          Is it okay for me to ask what your height is? because the jumpsuit ran just nice on you (at the ankle).
          I want mine to run just like it did on you and not further down because it’d ruin the whole look.
          Lookin’ fab! Xo

          • yakini says:

            Hey lady! I’m 5’5″! 🙂 They are elastic at the bottom, so even if you’re a little shorter or taller it seems they can be pushed up or down to fit okay.

  4. How did I miss you at the GlamMedia party!! Love these pieces.

  5. Shantel says:

    So happy I ran into your page! You look amazing in that jumper! I’m thinking about purchasing it, how does the sizing run? Thanks! XO

    • yakini says:

      Hi Shantel! So glad u came by. I think it runs a little big. That is a size Small I’m wearing and I’m not a size small by any stretch. I usually wear a Medium. However, other pieces in the line run differently. For example, the blazer runs true to size, and the dress is true to size.

  6. Nia says:

    I love the jumpsuit!

  7. You take the best photos! I really like the pants set its elegant and very classy. My next favorite is the tattoo print dress its gorgeous!!!

  8. Girl, you rocked that look completely.. I love it.. especially with the dress….

  9. Sheliza says:

    Well you have surely worn all the pieces so well! I think I need that jumper for my short legs!!

  10. Kristin says:

    After seeing you in that blazer and jumpsuit, I’m going to head to Sears to check out the collection myself!!

  11. Amy says:

    I have tried on a bunch of the items in this collection and I honestly love how they fit! I have bigger hips and so far every item flatters them well! I was debating on buying the jumper, after your review it sounds like a must 🙂 I’m going tomorrow to get it! I never thought a jumper could look so good and the fabric rocks!! I think I’m going to try on the taboo dress too 🙂 It looks great on you!

    • yakini says:

      Amy, I’d love to see photos – did you do a review on your blog, and what’s the link?
      And YES, I definitely agree that this line is particularly flattering for us curvy gals! No surprise, since the Kardashian gals are curvy and the clothes were designed based on their own styles. 🙂

  12. You make all the outfit look great! I love the blazer and jumsuit…both definitely my favorite!

  13. Such a thorough review. First off, I love that blazer on you! The way you paired it for the afternoon at the Elle offices, does make you look powerful and tailored. And fashionable. It was certainly different for me to see you in a mini, but it WORKS. You look amaze in it. And the prints are so much fun. I also love the jumpsuit on you (I’m beginning to really like jumpsuits, although I am not too sure I can pull it off…).

    I love the Kardashians and was excited about the collection until I found out it was from Sears. Just like you said, it has a notoriously “cheap” rep and so I thought the items would be just that. So I decided against it. But hearing your thoughts and seeing you rock it, makes me want to head to Sears to try a few pieces on for myself.

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, the dress is really not my typical style, but was definitely fun and a good choice for FNO! How often will i wear it? Not so sure! lol
      Yeah, i think the Sears name put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Interesting that the Kardashians went from Bebe to Sears collabo, but i guess they had their reasons…?
      Thats kinda why i wanted to do this review – to let folks know that the clothes are actually cute and of decent quality. It’d be a shame for folks to miss out because they’ve already made their mind up about the collection before trying it out.

  14. Glamamom says:

    Funny because when I saw photos of this collection I wasn’t that into it but having seen you rock it, I want EVERY piece! You look amaze. It was so fun photographing you!!

    • yakini says:

      Thanks Jill!!!! I agree, the collection looks WAY better in person, and im pretty sure many people had those same sentiments early on.
      Aaaah, what am I gonna do now that FW is over? Miss you – and miss our photo sessions! ((hugs))

  15. SiBonita says:

    so you know i LOVED the tight-fitting tattoo dress (so my style, lol!) — but you seriously looked amazing in everything! the blazer is killer, and that jumpsuit is the business! and i echo melissa’s sentiments — the detail of your review is what made this post so great! def want to check out their collection now.

    • yakini says:

      Oh cool!!! I’m glad it had enough detail. I felt like I didnt wanna make it too long…. but at the same time it was important to me to include certain info.
      Oh i could so see you rocking the tattoo print dress!!!

  16. Melissa says:

    I’m really impressed with the details of your review. You know how to style yourself in the most flattering way and your writing is thorough. I’m a big fan of your style! Each piece looks amazing on you, and ultra chic! My favorite was the black jumpsuit, too, which I bought on sale 🙂 Love how you belted it! I went back for the leopard bustier dress, but alas, it was sold out. Still searching for it at other stores, though! Enjoy your new pieces and thank you for this intelligently written review!

  17. I was interested in the line also and think you look great in them all I really liked the tattoo and jumpsuit!! Those green shoes were the perfect punch!

  18. I think that you looked cute in all of them. The jumper was my favorite.
    I also agree that this line will put Sears back on the map. Recently at the mall, I suggested going to Sears because of the line. I can’t remember the last time I went into Sears for clothes…..usually appliances. lol

    • yakini says:

      Right! Sears has always been great for appliances and automotive stuff…. but when I was in there shopping the Kardashian Kollection I was suddenly taking note of their cute belts, clutches, etc. Definitely peaks my interest in Sears again.

  19. YES! This review was so good! The issues you expressed w/ the tattoo print dress were the same ones that I had with the Zipper Ottoman dress I returned. The arms were weird..the bust was weird..and I got the largest size possible and it was odd. And I showed you the other pic. Ugh….LOL. So glad Im on my training now.

    • yakini says:

      Right! Something about the fit of that tatoo dress was stiff and awkward on top. I wonder what kind of mannequin they used when designing it. lol. Once I adjusted it, it was cute…. but you shouldn’t have to do all that.

  20. You look great in all 3 pieces. I especially love the tattoo dress on you. You have such a cute figure. Great post!

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