Gucci Spring 2012 Collection at London Fashion Week

Gucci Spring 2012 Collection at London Fashion Week

Another runway collection I’ve been dying to see is the new Gucci line. Last season it was all about color blocking and this collection was seemingly inspired by the 1920′s.  We’re seeing a bevy of low waistline shift dresses, fringed skirts, art deco lines, and a palette of emerald green, gold, and black.  There are some pretty pieces mixed in here… but this isn’t my favorite of Gucci’s collections. The blazers paired with silk blouses and trouser pants lend to a feminine meets masculine feel that really isn’t my style. However, it seems the androgynous-chic look has become increasingly in vogue (as seen by the tuxedo trend of late). Pat McGrath and team designed a makeup look featuring gorgeous, smoked out eyes, bleached eyebrows, and nude lips.

Who I Picture Wearing This Collection: Zoe Saldana, June Ambrose, Kelly Rowland, Madonna, Solange Knowles

Photo Credit: Vogue/Wire Image via Beauty is Diverse

Who do you think could pull these looks off?

14 Responses to Gucci Spring 2012 Collection at London Fashion Week

  1. The eye make-up is SO fierce! Whoa! I’m not really feeling the feminine meets masculine style either, although I’m starting to really like ties. i’m trying them out this fall to see how it goes.

  2. Sheliza says:

    Wow, now this is quite interesting! I think I mostly like the colors. Not so much my style though!

  3. YUMMommy says:

    Love the raccoon eyes on the models. I like the gold chains on a the green shirt and the dress slacks.

  4. Love the looks but it is not springy to me. Love the makeup

  5. Mrs Pancakes says:

    I love the green and gold colours! very pretty!

  6. First off..I have to Tom Ford still at the helm of Gucci? He’s doing so much these days w/ directing and a bunch of stuff. Anywho…GREAT, classic collection. Good color blocking and the EYEMAKEUP! you know Im going home to try it..I dont care if i look like a racoon. LOL

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