Backstage Beauty in the Tents + Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lounge

Backstage Beauty in the Tents + Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lounge

This past weekend Jill of Glamamom and I spent time backstage at Lincoln Center with Ouidad and her team as they created looks for the runway.  Ouidad, long known as the “Queen of Curl,” is an internationally recognized stylist, salon owner, and author sought out by editors and peers alike for her extensive knowledge about curly and wavy hair. As models, makeup artists, and stylists bustled around us, Ouidid took the time to chat with Style Me Prissy about the runway looks her stylists were creating for the Timo Weiland show.  Timo Weiland’s signature pops of color, custom prints, and modern interpretations of classic silhouettes speak to their uptown meets downtown approach to design. So Ouidad decided to go with a similar free-spirited look.

Below is a snippet from our interview:

Style Me Prissy: Ouidad, what was your inspiration for the models’ looks this evening, and what products are you using to create those looks?

Ouidad: Tonight the look is surfers gone wild!  The Timo Weiland fashion house is relaxed, young, and trendy… think Hawaii in the 60s and the 70s.  So we’re going for natural, relaxed styles… loose updos and a few hats.  We’re creating a look of urban beauty and glamour, and to do that we’re using Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, Tress Effects Styling Gel, and PlayCurl Volumizing Foam.

Style Me Prissy: How fun – and as I look around, I’m definitely getting an urban beauty vibe.  Very pretty! Oudid, can you talk a little about some of the hair trends we can expect to see for Fall 2011/Spring 2012?

Ouidad: This season you’re going to see lots and lots of texture.  You’re going to see free, loose curls… tight curls… freedom!  It’s all about expressing yourself and being free!

Style Me Prissy: Well, that’s just fab, Ouidad!  It’ll be nice not worrying about maintaining a super straight look, which requires so much heat and can be damaging to our hair.

Ouidad: (Smiles) Right! It’s all about freedom this season – minus the restrictions of having to maintain a straight look all the time!

After chatting with Ouidad I went on to meet with  James Behmer, Director of Global Artistry for Nars Cosmetics.  He was in the midst of directing his makeup artists but generously took some time to chat with Style Me Prissy about the looks they were creating for the runway. To complement the glamorous and free hair styles Ouidad and her team had created, he went for a similar pop art, 60’s couture look.  The models wore a bright eye with strong cheek – very elegant and powerful. Stated James, “Women in NYC… are powerful women. That’s why we went with a powerful cheek.” To create a sexy, bruised lip he used a pop of pink on the lip, and added a touch of shimmery eye shadow to the bridge of the nose for a perspiration effect.  

It’s amazing how much time, creativity, and hard work goes into these shows behind the scenes.  It was fun getting up close and personal with the beauty team behind it all.  But even more fun was joining Sebago at the Chic Week Retreat in Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lounge for a sneak peak of their brand new Artisan Collection Shoe Styles for Spring 2012.

Many of these shoes were designed by lifestyle and fashion blogger Kimmie Smith.

We had a blast kicking it in the luxe lounge with J. Alexander (aka Miss J), runway coach and judge on America’s Next Top Model.  Okay, he is so silly… he had  jokes about Style Me Prissy, some that weren’t quite PG-rated (lol – more on that story later)!

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  1. Kimmie says:

    Thank you so much for coming by to check out my Kimmie Smith x Sebago Spring 12 collection at the Robert Verdi suite!

  2. Glamamom says:

    The Miss J thing goes down as the funniest thing that happened during fashion week. HILAR. Loved spending the evening with you.

  3. SiBonita says:

    ahhh! can’t wait to hear about miss j!! he’s the BEST!

    and i love hearing about the “freedom” theme with the hair….nothing like being able to rock your hair free and wild without the constraints of straightening/heat/etc. ugh, it’s times like this that make me resent working in corporate america…they may be okay with natural hair, but not the way i like to rock it – HUGE and out of control! haha

  4. Ahhh… Miss J… Awesomeness! This is great! From the interview to the sneak peak to mingling with Miss J… lovely!

  5. YUMMommy says:

    Love Miss J. He will keep you laughing but still give you honest advice.

  6. Earthangel172 says:

    Wow! Miss J! ::faints::

    Can’t wait for the “behind the scenes” story.

  7. *screaming* YOU MET MISS J!! OMG!! *faints and rolls on the ground* He looks like he is a ton of fun! And I LOVE THOSE SHOES!

    • yakini says:

      Ok, he is HILARIOUS!!! He had me cracking up! I’ve gotta tell you about it on the side… cuz the things he was teasing/joking about arent really appropriate for this blog. lmaoo!!! Super nice guy, though!

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