Pilar Sanders’ Stylish Cameo on “Single Ladies”

Pilar Sanders’ Stylish Cameo on “Single Ladies”

How gorgeous did Pilar Sanders look in a pink, tailored square-neck jacket top, black pencil skirt, and black CL pumps in Episode 1 of “Single Ladies”?  She is giving us face, hair, and body in this video capture!

Pilar is an actress, model, fitness guru, mom of three, and wife of retired football star Deion Sanders. Somehow I got so caught up in all of Stacey’s fierceness throughout the season that I neglected to mention Pilar.  She played “Jennifer,” wife of the Atlanta mayor, and was extremely beautiful, confident, and poised in this scene as she dramatically confronts “April” for sleeping with her husband. Love her hair and makeup. Very hot, Pilar.  I sure hope we see more of Pilar and her fab style in Season 2.

Taupe cutout dress from Halston’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway

 Photo Credit: Pilar Sanders

14 Responses to Pilar Sanders’ Stylish Cameo on “Single Ladies”

  1. I’m a Pilar fan ever since her reality show with Deion. lol! Love the neckline on the rose jacket. And she is fit!

  2. Glamamom says:

    That Halston dress! Wow

  3. Bika says:

    hehe that is your style! that part was so funny when she cursed April out. i was living vicariously through that scene myself, since Common is my husband >:0

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, she told her off good! LOL! That was a very satisfying scene.
      I like Common a lot too. It was a little hard to see him in that role. Ugh! lol

  4. This outfit at the top has “Yakini” written all over it. Including the hair

    • yakini says:

      You know what’s funny…. we have the same signature hairstyle, which is straight with a part down the middle. And of course I’d rock that top.
      You know me too well. *smh* lol

  5. Pilar’s body is SICK! I’ve always thought she was the ish.

  6. Oh yes… she’s working it. LOVE!

  7. YUMMommy says:

    Loved the skirt & the heels but not the jacket. It didn’t seem to fit her personality. I think the square neck gave it a too mature look.

    • yakini says:

      I’m glad you remember it – wasn’t sure if anyone would remember her few cameos. 🙂
      I actually love the jacket – but agree that it does give a mature look!

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