Kim Kardashian in Vera Wang on her Wedding Day

Kim Kardashian in Vera Wang on her Wedding Day

So as we know, Kim Kardashian’s “close family friend” Vera Wang designed her gown and created three different custom looks for her to wear throughout the evening.  According to E! online her ceremony dress was strapless and featured a full tulle skirt, and she paired the gown with a jeweled crown and veil.  She later changed into an ivory silk-organza mermaid dress with lace appliqué on the bodice for the black-and-white reception. Finally, just before the couple cut their six-foot-tall cake, Kim slipped into a V-neck satin gown with a circle skirt.

Photo Credit: Fashionista

18 Responses to Kim Kardashian in Vera Wang on her Wedding Day

  1. Bika says:

    i thought the headpiece was interesting and different…i wish she would’ve worn her hair down though. dress # 2 is my fav. i like the shape of the top of it!

  2. I think she looks amazing in all three dresses, but I am so not a fan of that head piece. I guess I’m not traditional. Like, where’s the tiara or something?!

  3. Glamamom says:

    Not my fave person but she sure is entertaining. Her sex tape was trending on my Alexa tool bar so I wanted it. OMG

  4. Mrs Pancakes says:

    Wish her all the best! Loved the mermaid look! They both looked gorgeous!

  5. I liked her look in all the pics. I don’t know if I would wear #2, but based on the cost I probably won’t ever have to worry about that. lol

  6. I did not know Brody dated Avril Lavigne. I’m shocked! Oh yeah, and she had a real nice “free” wedding, lol!

  7. Sunshine says:

    Love KK. So happy for her. Wish them the best. I wasn’t crazy about dress #2. That bracelet is hot!!

  8. I liked the two reception dresses far better than her wedding dress. It was really over the top for me

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