Essence Magazine Celebrates the Elegance of Church Hats

Essence Magazine Celebrates the Elegance of Church Hats

Essence shows us how to top off our look this season with wide brims, classic shapes, and feathered masterpieces in “Chic Chapeaus! ”  Women of color have long worn beautiful and stylish hats to church.  Adorning the head for worship is an African tradition that says that when one presents oneself before God you should be at your best. I love that the August 2011 issue of Essence Magazine is paying homage to this tradition with this beautiful spread by fashion photographer Tim Petersen

Photo Credit: Essence Magazine

Photographer: Tim Petersen
Styling: Agnes Cammock
Makeup: Walter Obal
Hair: Leona Wilson
Model 1: Hawa
Model 2: Fatima

17 Responses to Essence Magazine Celebrates the Elegance of Church Hats

  1. I own hats and love them!! Got it honestly from my mama and grandmother’s on both sides. I love “Come as you are” at church but I miss the church hats!

  2. YUMMommy says:

    Love church hats!

  3. Myssdee says:

    Even though I posted this on my website. I miss those days when black women in my neighborhood use to dress to the T with these hats going to church.

    You couldn’t tell them a darn thing. It was a Sunday runway…lmao

  4. I totally want a chic little fascinator. I need a new “look” and that might be it

  5. I grew up in a COGIC church so Hats are a MUST! I love them!

  6. sunshine says:

    I dont do the hat thing to church lol but that red one is HOT! Great post. And yes hats is so in for church goers. My mom used to be one of them but for some reason she stopped.

  7. Tami says:

    They all are very nice! I own tons of hats, I love them to pieces you should check out my friends site who makes couture millinery hats! Anya Caliendo

    • yakini says:

      Girl, it does not surprise me that you own lots of hats, because you are just fabulous, girly, and froufrou like that! (Like myself). Oooh, can’t wait to check out her site. Thx for the link!!

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