“Basketball Wives” Producer Shaunie O’Neal Launches Chinese Laundry Shoe Line

“Basketball Wives” Producer Shaunie O’Neal Launches Chinese Laundry Shoe Line

On the season finale of “Basketball Wives” we heard executive producer Shaunie O’Neal talk excitedly about her new shoe collection in partnership with Chinese Laundry.  I vaguely recalled her mentioning this shoe collection on a past episode but, much like Jennifer Williams’ Lucid Lip Gloss line, it seems she chose to keep it under wraps until it was all set to go.  Well she recently hosted a private launch party at Tru in Hollywood to debut the hottest “must-haves” from her new collection.  In attendance were “The Circle,” which included Suzie, Evelyn, and Jennifer.  (I’m wondering where Tami Roman was, but maybe that interesting little tidbit will come up at the reunion show next Monday).

Shaunie’s shoe collection ranges in price from $79.95 to $200.00.  Here is a snapshot from the website.

Shaunie, who owns almost 800 pairs of shoes herself, also identifies her top “must haves” from the collection.  I recall her stating on the show how important it was to her that the line be affordable for the everyday woman.  Hmmm, well I guess if we’re comparing the shoes to Christian Louboutins, which can easily run you $600 to $1200+, then $200 is quite affordable. Otherwise, not so much.

I must admit I was expecting something a little different from the collection, although a few of the shoes are cute (I’ve got my eye on that Chianti!).  Next time I see them out I will try on a pair, and report back with comfort level, quality, and appearance – up close and personal.

What do you think of Shaunie’s new shoe line?

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  1. Mary says:

    I love “Shaunie’s Must Haves” shoe section on Chinese Laundry. I just bought the black “Kooper” in suede as a work pump to pair with a pencil skirt or black dress and blazer. The comfort level is great and looks professional in the office.

    • yakini says:

      Oh wow, thanks so much for coming in with your review, Mary! I think you’re the first I’ve heard from who has actually tried the shoe. Glad to hear it is comfy. I can’t wait to try on a pair for myself.

  2. SiBonita says:

    the shoes aren’t that spectacular…but shaunie’s hair looks AMAZING! lol, just a side note.

  3. Glamamom says:

    Good for her. I wish there was a little more originality, especially at that price point.

  4. The shoes don’t exactly make me love them. I mean there are some cute ones. Unfortunately, I am not a celebrity or have a lot of money. So when I spend over $100 for a pair of shoes, I have to LOVE them!

    • yakini says:

      Exactly!!!! Thats all im saying. If Im dropping $200 on some non-work related shoes (meaning, Im only gonna be wearing them on weekends and certain occasions) they need to be fly all around.

  5. The shoes are not my style..i love heels but cannot wear them to safe my life. you gotta hand it to Shaunie…she is definitely a business woman! Get yours girl!

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, I am impressed with all the endeavors she is involved in, with the most successful obviously being the BBW franchise. She is a real go-getter for sure!

  6. YUMMommy says:

    I kinda like the collection. I have to admit that most of the shoes do look like they were copied from other designers we have seen b4. Glad she is mixing it up a bit tho.

  7. sunshine says:

    Wow…I was just reading the tweet today about her shoes and was coming home to check out the site. Thanks for posting. I love shoes but nothing had caught my eye. Sorry shaunie…

  8. nabs says:

    maybe it’s because i havent been shopping in AGES (or even browsing), so i dont know what is already out there (although i have always been a fan of “wild pair,” which u referenced as being kinda similar), but i really, really liked the shoes!! they are all so funky and fashionable. i dont know if they would be very comfortable, tho, which is VERY important to me. i am NOT one of those chicks that sacrifices comfort for fashion….which is why i dont have any corns, bunions, or callouses on these twinkle toes of mine. i do have some cute heels, and shahid got them from kohl hahn (i think that’s the name of them?), and they have nike air in the sole and they are so cute.

    • yakini says:

      Hey boo! Well, it’s not that they’re not cute. They just look like everything else that’s out there. And the way Shaunie had built the jont up on the show, I think we were all hoping for something a little more out of the ordinary, you know? She was so excited about designing a shoe and putting her personal touch on it…. and they end up looking just like all the other Chinese Laundry shoe designs. So for me that was a little disappointing, and I’m not sure that I’d pay $200 for anything I’ve seen so far.
      But, again, this is my opinion before having seen any of them in person. I might feel differently once I see them and/or try on a pair.

  9. Stacie says:

    I could only find her 12 “must haves” on the site and I wasn’t impressed. Now that I see the full collection, I’m still not impressed either. I was gonna blog about it but I don’t like the shoes enough to, lol!

    • yakini says:

      lol, yeah, i was hoping to see something a little different. these are very typical chinese laundry/steve madden/wild pair, even. i was somewhat underwhelmed by it as well.

  10. Yeah I guess $200 is affordable..because eventually you can always find a coupon…. LMAO! (I was gonna blog about this..I dont really like the shoes that much though)

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