Basketball Wives L.A. Fashion Preview

Basketball Wives L.A. Fashion Preview

VH1’s newest series “Basketball Wives L.A.” is set to premiere next Monday the 29th, and I thought it was time to take a look at the ladies who will be starring on the show. It’s no secret who my favorite fashionista was during “Basketball Wives Miami,” but I wonder whose fashion sense will strike my fancy this time around?

Malaysia Pargo is the 30-year-old wife of Chicago’s Jannero Pargo.  This Compton, California native met her husband at 22 and, on being a basketball wife, confesses that she always has her guard up because this lifestyle will “swallow you up and spit you out.” She will be launching her “3 Beats” jewelry line for kids in the coming months. I’m on the fence about Malaysia’s style at this point.  I’m loving this LBD that she’s rocking with the  Gianmarco Lorenzi ‘Disco Ball’ Platform Pumps. I can appreciate a dress with a good ruched front which, as we know, hides flaws while accentuating curves, and I also like that she’s playing up those long, gorgeous legs. The dark berry lip color is also working for me. Very hot look for you, Malaysia.

However, the little grey bandage dress by Hervé Léger by Max Azria that she wore to the ‘Welcome to LA Soiree’ for cast members didn’t sit as well with me.  Malaysia is a beautiful woman with natural curves, and I didn’t think the peplum on the hips flattered her.  I’m also disappointed that all that hair of hers covered up the pretty, intricately laced up detailing on the shoulder which I feel is a strength of the dress.  Love that she took a risk with the 7″ Versace Dvea patent leather double-platform pumps though.

Gloria Govan is fiancée of LA’s Matt Barnes. We saw her intermittently throughout “Basketball Wives Miami” and, truth be told, I wasn’t a fan of her television persona nor her fashion sense.  Though I can’t quite put my finger on why, I pretty much dislike everything about this above look.  However, let’s see how she brings it style-wise after relocating to Los Angeles and easing into the Southern Cali lifestyle.

Gloria wore a cream silk and organza sheath dress with nude platform pumps to the 3rd Annual Matt Barnes Athletes vs. Cancer Celebrity Golf Classic Gala.  Once again, I was underwhelmed by her choice of dress – both the color and cut were a little boring and safe to me.

Laura Govan is sister to Gloria Govan, Gilbert Arena’s ex-fiancée, and mother of his four children.  We heard mention of her in “Basketall Wives Miami” via the sordid Shaq rumors.  She’s since split with Gilbert and is rebuilding her life with just her kids and new baby to keep her company.

Laura threw the ‘Welcome to LA Soiree’ and rocked a dramatic, metallic silver one sleeved sheath. While I’m not a fan of the above two looks, I think she looks amazing to have a 6-month-old baby and look forward to seeing what she brings to the show fashion-wise.

Kimsha Artest is the girlfriend of Ron Artest and mother of three.  She’s been with Artest for 17 years and states that she shies away from the LA “party” lifestyle as well as all the bling. I can definitely respect that! But…. this dress is just so ordinary to me. #SNORE  Also, I wish she had opted for a more modest v-neck for her Basketball Wives promo pic. However, I like the purple nails and love that she chose to rock this LBD with electric blue platform sandals.  Cute!

Imani Showalter is ex-fiancée to player Stephen Jackson and mother of three.  She has fought hard against being stigmatized since parting ways with her famous ex and isn’t shy to confess that she hasn’t dated since.  I think she is a pretty girl with a voluptuous figure, and I like that she isn’t afraid to play that up with such a bold, sparkly dress.

I look forward to seeing how Imani steps out, fashion-wise, in the upcoming season.

Jackie Christie is wife of retired player Doug Christie and claims to have the strongest marriage in the NBA.  She and her husband renew their vows every year. I think this lace mini dress is fabulous on Jackie, love the long sweep of bangs, and I appreciate that gorgeous pop of red in her heels.  Very hot look for Jackie – I like it!

Sadly, I like very little about this “all black everything” pantsuit ensemble. I know that Jackie designs most of her own clothing, and not sure if this outfit is from her collection.  Maybe it’s the hair (I don’t like it bone-straight and tucked behind her ears this way), but something about this entire ensemble is throwing me off.  I’ve noticed that Jackie is usually wearing all black in her photographs, but I truly hope she decides to experiment with more color this season.  I know she can bring it better than this!

Draya Michele is a self-proclaimed model and actress who has appeared in several music videos and on magazine covers, and has a history of dating R&B singers (Chris Brown) and basketball players.  Hmmm, she isn’t a wife, fiancée, girlfriend… not sure where she fits into the cast, but I’m loving this orange body-con dress on her. The dress features a sheer mesh yoke with sweetheart neckline, and she finishes the look with It’s Rich Girlz earrings in gold.

It seems like orange is her color, because Draya was spotted wearing the Gisele Bohemian Ruched Wide Leg Jumpsuit in rust peach from the 2011 H&M fall collection and a pretty top knot to the ‘Welcome to LA Soiree’ for cast .

Photo Credit: VH1, PR Photos, Necole Bitchie

25 Responses to Basketball Wives L.A. Fashion Preview

  1. Roxane Nisbet says:

    Love your blog!

  2. sharmine says:

    I can’t get enough of the drama between the women of Basketball Wives LA on VH1. I really am addicted and hate to miss anything.

  3. Trisha Smathers says:

    These women need to quit the ugly jealousy… It’s SO immature and classless. Let’s see which one will rein as queen this season?? I think it’s silly that one couple must get married yearly! What a waste of time, money, and not helping your city’s/states starving children instead with all that extra dough…

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, the whole getting married each year thing seems a bit much to me. I mean, I like the reasoning behind it…. but I feel like having a wedding each year must takes away from the excitement/novelty of it. I mean, does it even feel special anymore when you’re planning for it?
      Yeah, the jealousy seems unwarranted and immature. I’m glad some of that silliness was resolved in last night’s episode.

  4. Bika says:

    nice overview! lol i can tell you are biased towards gloria, probably because of her whack personality. because i kind of like her 2nd look! i don’t think it’s boring at all. maybe if the dress was strapless n a bit shorter it would be more risque.

    • yakini says:

      lmaoo!!! you are probably right. i’m just not a gloria fan at ALL, and that is stemming from the second season. i just wasnt feeling her. so i do think that kinda makes me biased against her fashion as well. LOL!!! but im honestly not a fan of that dress. its so plain to me.

  5. Mrs. R says:

    I have not watched BBW since the debut, but I am looking forward to watching this. I saw the trailer so I might catch an episode or two. Of course I would not tell anyone else about my guilty pleasure besides hubby. LOL!!

  6. Draya looks like she may be able to keep my attention in the fashion dept. I hope they chill on the drama in LA, this last bbw was getting hard to watch.

    • yakini says:

      At a glance, Draya’s fashion sense is high on my radar too!!!
      Girl, i wouldnt hold my breath for that (a calmer season), based on the previews they’ve shown on VH1! Lmaoo!!!

  7. These ladies look a bit aggressive to me! but some dresses though!

    • yakini says:

      lol, yeah, they do seem a little less refined than the miami cast. (excluding tami, of course) and all the trailers i’ve seen for the show only confirm that!

  8. Ha! Homegirls “discoball shows” look JUST as good as the joints I got from Nordstrom (LOL…for prob wayyyy less!) That tattoo on the boob..UGH!! HOOD-RATCHETNESS! I can’t stand that. She coulda at least cover the boobs up. And I like the girl w. the sequin dress on. SN: How sad these woman are all “ex fiancees” w/ mad children? I’d rather be an “ex wife” anyday. Jackie Christie..I respect her a whole lot. Say what you want…

    • yakini says:

      Girl, YESSS!!!! I am team Jackie all the way. Whatever she is doing in her relationship is working, cuz they’ve got mad years under their belt and still going strong! That’s whats up.
      And ditto @ huge tatoos on the chest. That’s never a good look, imo.

  9. mixedbunny says:

    I wonder why Draya is on the show but she makes me want to go H&M immed and pick up that outfit!

    • yakini says:

      I wondered the same, and can only surmise that they’re attempting to bring an element of drama with the “groupie factor,” a la Royce in Miami… except that Royce actually had a real connection to one of the players. lol Very curious to see how this plays out, but meanwhile, I’m loving that jumpsuit too!!! I didn’t find it on the H&M site as yet but it’s available internationally via Ebay!

  10. YUMMommy says:

    My eye is going to be on the fashion too. It’s LA after all. One US fashion capitals

  11. Seems like a lot of pressure to dress in uncomfortable revealing clothing?

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