Radio Personality Angela Yee’s $70,000 Shoe Collection

Radio Personality Angela Yee’s $70,000 Shoe Collection

Photo Credit: Pynk Magazine

Angela Yee, co-host of Power 105.1’s Morning Show “The Breakfast Club” in NYC, has long been known for her serious shoe game!  She recently sat down with Pynk Magazine to dish about her extravagant collection, valued at over $70,000 and including such  designers as Camilla Skovgaard, YSL, Brian Atwood, Christian Louboutin, and Miu Miu.  When asked about her most expensive shoe, and whether it was a gift or a splurge, Angela states, “No one ever really buys me shoes — I buy them myself. I think the most expensive pair I have are these thigh-high Louboutin boots. They were like $2,500.”

Pynk Mag also asked Angela if she still gets that “rush” you get when you purchase your first pair of high-end shoes, and Angela notes, “I get it more [now] than I did back then because I don’t think my taste was on point yet. When you’re younger, the stuff you like is gaudier. I’m a little more disciplined now.”  She went on to say that the celebrity whose shoe game she most respects is LaLa Vazquez-Anthony.

Hmmmm. So what do we think, ladies?  $70k in shoes – exciting or excessive?

25 Responses to Radio Personality Angela Yee’s $70,000 Shoe Collection

  1. Stesha says:

    Exciting! As the saying goes: “Work hard. Play hard.” I would love to be in her shoes! *pun intended*

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Glamamom says:

    Totally her business what she does with her money. She’s earning so she can spend it! I would love to spend some time in her closet! Wow

  3. $70,000 in shoes is definitely excessive! But… I love a good pair of shoes and I’ve been known to dish out the cash on a really lovely pair (never too much cash, though). That being said, I totally agree with the other commenter… gimme the cash instead!

  4. Lois says:

    I am a total shoe girl. Girl a girl a new pair of expensive shoes and she is like a whole new woman. Thats my theory lol

  5. vonnie says:

    i’m so not a shoe girl, so they don’t get me excited, but looks like she has some nice ones. now handbag or makeup hoarding? bring it on, i’d salivate 😀

  6. Nika says:

    for a lot of ppl that would be considered excessive, but I think it depends of the vantage point. The Average American family doesn’t make that in a year, but for some 70K is a drop in the bucket

    • yakini says:

      This is true, Nika. It’s all relative. And I’m sure there are many celebs who would view this collection as small fries (ie, as we saw from my previous post featuring the shoe closets of Kimora, Mariah, etc.)

  7. YUMMommy says:

    I wouldn’t say excessive because designer shoes can be pretty expensive. It doesn’t take a lot to rack up a couple thousand in shoes. If I had the money, I certainly would have an amazing shoe collection.

    • yakini says:

      Hmmmm, good point!
      If each shoe is in the $1000 range (ouch!) than that really is only 70 shoes (which, for a celeb, is nothing). So when you break it down like that I can see how it might be easy for one to accrue a collection valued at that much…. even if, for some of us, that’s an annual salary. It’s not like she bought them all in one setting, right?!

  8. Sistergirl says:

    A shoe hoarder! I love shoes too. But when you put the price value on those shoes, it just a sad waste of money because she will never get the value out of those shoes and the sad thing is in a few years they will all be out of style, lol.

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, id say “hoarder” is a pretty good description for this (esp. in that second pic – looking just a little bit crazy).
      And yeah, it is true, in a few years many of the styles will be passe’. I hope the majority of her shoes are classic styles, rather than super trendy, lest they be wasted. I wonder what size she wears…. she can always donate some to the “needy” (ie, yours truly) if she likes. hehe!

  9. osato says:

    Exciting and Excessive at the same time, I can only wish!

  10. nabs says:

    i am so NOT a shoe person, so of course that sounds absolutely ludicrous to me!!! the thing is, you’re never going to be satisfied. you’re always going to want something newer, better, different….so basically, you are starting an addiction.

    • yakini says:

      I wonder how often she wears all of those shoes, let alone even remembers what she has! lol

    • Bika says:

      haha i’m not a shoe person either nabu! i never understood how those celebs like mariah can have a huge closet full of millions of shoes. what do you even do with those?? wouldn’t you be so indecisive each day? i prefer to have my one “tan shoe,” my one “silver shoe,” and the appropriate variations of each based on the occasion (casual, dressy, etc.). of course it’s nice to have a few fun, random ones but i’ve never really been the type to get a new shoe over clothing. but i do feel that your most expensive/splurge items should be shoes, purses, and jackets.

      • yakini says:

        Yeah, i like shoes a lot, but im more of a handbag girl – with handbags, the fancy, expensive ones dont hurt. LOL
        I agree, i’d probably feel a bit overwhelmed if i had such a huge selection to pick from each day. lol

  11. I dont even think I’d WANT $70K of shoes..and this is coming from a SERIOUS shoe freak. What a waste. I’d like that in cash (LOL)

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