Jennifer Williams Shows Off Lucid Lip Gloss Colors

Jennifer Williams Shows Off Lucid Lip Gloss Colors

I love a good lip gloss, especially one whose shine lasts for hours.  As a woman who enjoys her makeup, I know what looks good on me, what colors and shades best complement my skin tone and features, and I’ve got my staple products that I usually don’t diverge from.

However, in the interest of supporting my favorite “Basketball Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams I decided that I’m going to try something from Lucid Cosmetics, her new line of lip glosses.  Of course, at $18.50 a tube + tax + shipping it’s not a purchase I’m taking lightly.  The lip glosses aren’t yet available in the store, so unfortunately no way of trying them out to see which shade really pops on my lip. And, for me, trusting the color based solely on how it looks in the container isn’t an option. That’s why I was pleased to discover that Jen had twitpic’d photos of herself rocking her various lip gloss shades, each named after cities she loves.

Photo Credit: Lockerz

Jennifer in Big Apple Lucid Lip Gloss

Jennifer in Sobe Lucid Lip Gloss

Jennifer in Napa Lucid Lip Gloss

Jennifer in The Hills Lucid Lip Gloss

Jennifer in Tropez Lucid Lip Gloss

Case in point, each of these colors looks way different on Jen’s lips than I would have guessed (based on how they looked in the case).  We seem to be fairly close in complexion, so it was helpful for me to see each shade on her.  Whereas I initially thought I’d want to try The Hills I realize from seeing it on her lips that I’m not a fan.  Hmmm, I think Tropez is way hotter.

Have you picked up a tube of Lucid Lip Gloss and, if so, what are your thoughts?


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  1. Patricia says:

    Hi Jean my dear sister u rock, when is your lip gloss coming to S.A I really like it very much my friend, I am one of ur biggest fan I can wait watching ur basketball wives show my dear u are pretty and u rock babes. I am always by ur side, u must know there is ur bbf watching u here in South Africa.

  2. bebefj123 says:

    She is so pretty. I think she is the prettiest of all the BBW. I am glad she is suing Nia. Black women and black people period need to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Black violence kills more blacks everyday. It starts with self control and enforcing the law.

  3. jennifer, i love all the color’s that u are sporting. i will be purshing them when they hit the stores. do u have an idea when they will be in stores? and girl keep doing u, and let the hater’s hate on! love u girl. peace.

  4. Mrs. A. says:

    Hey Jen;
    Just want to say that I love you and cant wait to check out the lip gloss line I will be purchasing them all, Stay true to yourself and dont change keep it bougie baby. Love Ya.

  5. luvrumcake says:

    Hello, The Lucid lip gloss was on point…I loved the way it stayed on for hours. I also purchased The Hills and Napa. The Hills is frosty as expected and I think people should realize what frosty shade does. A clear gloss over frosty looks like strawberry ice cream. Napa looks great on me. I am waiting on more colors from the Lucid line. Much success to you Jennifer and to the naysayers Evilyn, Shaunie, and Tami…in particular Evilyn, what would make you get a makeup line of all things to endorse?…Jennifer, thank goodness you are finally free from Evilyn.
    Much Success to You.

  6. Tami says:

    The colors look ok, why is she always posed up in her vehicle lol

  7. Glamamom says:

    I have no idea who that is but gosh I love when people say thank you and RT!

  8. For my complexion, it’s looking like “Tropez” is where it’s at! I try to shy away from too bright red/pink shades and only reserve them for very special occasions.

  9. Chantell says:

    Hey, I was interested in buying her lip gloss, but the twitpic Napa looks like Sobe on the website, and I was just wondering if she put the wrong lip gloss name on the wrong picture? Or does Napa which looks purple on the website actually a bright pink which looks like Sobe on the website. Is there anyway u can find that out?

    • Chantell says:

      ok thank u!

      • Chantell says:

        heyy, i’ve been meaning to come on here and update you. I bought sobe and tropez and even though i loovvee jennifer, i was expecting more for 18.50. My main problem was the bottle, its plastic and i feel like if i sit on it it will break. If u pull on it the silver top will pop off and expose the white twisty thing under it. The quality of sobe was pretty nice, and she definitely mixed up sobe and napa in her picture bcuz sobe looks like napa. Tropez had too much glitter for me, i didnt realize it in the picture. And the one reader that said it looked like the Milani one, she was ryt!! But i didnt wana listen to her lol, my bestfriend happened to have the Milani one when i was showing it to her. But they do make ur lips soft, and the color pay off is good for sobe, but im not a fan of tropez. I think if she was to put them in a more appealing bottle I would be ok, but I dont think the price should be 18.50 🙁

    • heidi says:

      where in NY are they sold??

  10. YUMMommy says:

    Haven’t had a chance to go out and search for them here but it’s on my to do list.

  11. Debbie says:

    Hi, I just received my Lucid lip gloss and I’m completely underwhelmed. I purchased ‘The Hills’ and ‘Napa. ‘The Hills’ is too frosty to wear on its own, but it looks great layered over a neutral lipstick. ‘Napa’ is really pretty but nothing special. The packaging is really cheap as the tops came apart upon opening. Overall, this lip gloss is comparable to the ‘Milani’ drugstore brand – same colors, consistency and scent, which can be bought for 4.99. Not anything close to Mac or Bobbie Brown(my personal favorites). So if you want to support Jennifer Williams, then by all means do so (I love her!), but don’t expect a department store quality product.

    • Sunny says:

      Really Debbie? Surely not! I expected much more from the line! Wow…I won’t order. I will wait until it hits the stores. I’m a faithful patron of Mac cosmetics and I have some of the Bobbi Brown products. I am in no way interestedin paying more for what I can get at CVS for $5. Yep…I will wait until it hits the stores. Thx Debbie!

  12. I am going to check this out. Jennifer is so pretty!

  13. sunshine says:

    Its funny that you posted this because last week I was just looking at her site thinking of purchasing a lip gloss. I hesitated on the price but then I thought about my purchases at MAC and they are pricey too but I love their lip gloss. I noticed that the pink is in but wasnt sure b/c of my dark skin. Seeing it on her, I think I may order it. I am still thinking but if I do I will let you know. Great post!

  14. I was wondering about the lipgloss line. I LOVE lipgloss and never leave home without it. After checking out your post I think I will give it a try. I am really feeling the “Napa”.

  15. Mimi says:

    I love Jennifer, and those earrings. I kind of liked The Hill. However I think I like Sobe the best. I am going to have to check these out. I love some lipgloss!

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, I thought I liked The Hills best as well, but realized it didn’t look as pretty as I thought once I saw it applied. If you order Sobe, Inhope you do a review! 🙂

  16. I haven’t tried the lip gloss yet. Will have to check them out. I heard good things about the line.

    • yakini says:

      Oh cool, you have?!! I don’t know anyone personally who has ordered, but really looking forward to trying it out myself. Just gotta figure out which one I want. Maybe I’ll get a couple. 🙂

  17. Wendy says:

    Loving Tropez & Napa looks fun.


  18. Penny says:

    I think you would look fab in tropez or napa.

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