Meet Hello Kitty Creator’s Newest Character: Rebecca Bonbon

Meet Hello Kitty Creator’s Newest Character: Rebecca Bonbon

Yuko Shimizu & Yakini

Hello Kitty fans take notice!

Yesterday I caught up with the fabulous Yuko Shimizu, the original creator of the fashion and lifestyle brand Hello Kitty.  Yuko is in New York from Japan this week on a media tour and we chatted at the Royalties Brand Showcase about her latest character: Rebecca Bonbon.  Yuko was so warm, funny, and personable.  She loved my first name which, interestingly, has African as well as Japanese origins.  Although her English is limited there was a translator on hand to help facilitate our interview.

Apparently, Rebecca Bonbon is a stylish French bulldog from Paris, who was adopted by an American girl and now lives in a fabulous NYC apartment overlooking Central Park.  Rebecca lives a charmed life – she loves to shop, wears chic outfits, and adores sweet treats.  When I asked Yuko what Rebecca Bonbon’s favorite brand is, she quickly replied “Chanel” and added that she has an unlimited charge card to buy anything she likes.  What a privileged little pup, that Rebecca! *smile*

More from our interview:

Style Me Prissy: Why do you think Hello Kitty is so successful, and with such an influence on pop culture?

Yuko Shimizu: Hello Kitty appeals to each individual personally and directly: so to answer this, you must ask yourself why you like the character?  In regards to her influence on pop culture… I like to keep my characters simple.  Simple characters can ride out the new trends that pop culture frequently brings.  Simplicity is a very Japanese philosophy.  

Style Me Prissy: What was your inspiration for the Rebecca Bonbon character?

Yuko Shimizu: I have been very fond of cat characters, but I like dogs too.  I once saw a photo of a cute French bulldog in a magazine and that image inspired me.  I chose to make her black and white because I have a black and white cat that reminded me of a French bulldog.

Style Me Prissy: Hello Kitty is from England.  Why did you pick NYC as Rebecca Bonbon’s hometown?

Yuko Shimizu: When I created the Hello Kitty character, I was inspired by the lovely English gardens and the romance novels of the UK.  NYC is such an exciting place where you can find some of the world’s greatest culture, fashion, and entertainment.

Style Me Prissy: On a more personal note, do you have a favorite fashion designer?

Yuko Shimizu: I respect Coco Chanel as a person – her life story and personality, not only as a fashion designer.

You can find the full compliment of Rebecca Bonbon licensed toys, apparel and accessories at Kmart stores across the US.  Only time will tell if Mademoiselle Bonbon joins Hello Kitty as a beloved merchandising and multi-media powerhouse in the United States!

Visit the official Rebecca Bonbon website to learn more.

15 Responses to Meet Hello Kitty Creator’s Newest Character: Rebecca Bonbon

  1. I can’t believe you got to meet her – so cool!!

  2. Tami says:

    Very cute collection! Love hello kitty

  3. Bika says:

    i can’t believe you met the Hello Kitty creator! so cool!! that was a good interview, especially the first question.

  4. The new character, Rebecca Bonbon, is awesome. What a fantastic opportunity to meet with the creator Yuko Shimizu. I love the statement on simplicity as a philosophy. Thanks for sharing! -Xiomara

    • yakini says:

      It WAS awesome, Xiomara. I’ve loved Hello Kitty for so long, so it was quite surreal for me to actually meet and interview Yuko.
      I loved that statement as well!

  5. Monica J says:

    I’m the biggest Hello Kitty fan, but I think I can make room for Rebecca Bonbon. She is a cute new addtion to the family.

  6. I am severely allergic to cats and severely terrified of dogs, but Yuko is making me LOVE them both. I’m a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty — it’s like, the cutest thing ever. Seriously, I love everything about that cute kitten. And now Rebecca Bonbon… sweetness!

  7. So cool and Cute! I love Hello Kitty! I need to find a Kmart!

    • yakini says:

      I’m a Hello Kitty lover as well. 🙂
      Rebecca Bonbon is adorable… I’m wondering how well she’ll do here in the US. (Apparently, she’s already blown up in Japan).

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