Style Keepsake by Brooke Hagel

Style Keepsake by Brooke Hagel

When asked what one experience has been the most exciting, challenging, and profound of my life, I often tell people it’s when I competed in the 2005 Miss New York USA Pageant. The salmon pink,  Swarovski Crystal-embellished gown I wore remains the most exquisite (and expensive) dress I’ve ever owned.  I felt so beautiful on that day.  I’m really glad I have a custom fashion sketch to commemorate that magical experience and that gorgeous dress. It hangs in our bedroom.  I’m a firm believer that fashion should be treasured instead of being forgotten.

Art by Brooke Hagel

18 Responses to Style Keepsake by Brooke Hagel

  1. tracy says:

    gorgeous dress! and the fashion sketches are so much fun! i love them!

  2. Glamamom says:

    Hubba hubba! I had no idea you did pageants! Congrats that awesome. That dress is so super beautiful on you. You’re so gorg Yakini.

  3. Shelly says:

    Look at that bangin’ body!!

  4. GORG! I could not imagine being in a pagent! I am sure it is an experience to remember! Love the drawing too!

  5. Simple gorgeous. The illustrator is very talented!

    Follow me!

  6. Gorgeous! That had to be such a cool experience! Love seeing the illustrations and the finished dresses. So pretty!

  7. MItch says:

    Miss Gorgeous!

  8. Vivienne Westwood is amazing… love her! And my gosh, you look GORGEOUS in that picture. I’m sure that was a great experience and now your boys can look back and see it. Now Chase will be calling you a “ballerina” and “princess” all the time!

  9. yakini says:

    Denise, that was my initial reaction as well! You should totally get one of you in your gorgeous wedding dress.

  10. Her illustrations make me want to break out something — anything — from my closet and have her or some of my other illustrator friends draw it. LOL

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